Grand Prix - Barcelona Results

Pro Tour - New York Qualifier
May 3 - 5, 1997

Final results:

Place    Name                         Country    Prize Money
1        Pierre Fayard                France     $1,700.00  
2        Alain Fernandez              France     $1,200.00  
3        Ivan Garcia                  Spain      $600.00    
3        Santiago Rodriguez           Spain      $600.00    
5        Mathieu Poujade              France     $375.00    
5        Nicolas Olivieri             France     $375.00    
5        Joaquim Casa                 Spain      $375.00    
5        Michael Debard               France     $375.00    
9        Miguel Garcia                Spain      $250.00    
10       Arnaud Atoch                 France     $250.00    
11       Jean-Francois Gontier        France     $250.00    
11       Cesar Sanchez                Spain      $250.00    
13       Raphael Levy                 France     $250.00    
14       Israel Rosales               Spain      $250.00    
15       Rodrigo Silva Lopez          Spain      $250.00    
16       Ricardo Guerra               Spain      $250.00    
17       Juan Girona Canet            Spain      $150.00    
18       Daniel jiminez Alfonso       Spain      $150.00    
19       Marc Mateos                  Spain      $150.00    
20       Manuel Bevand                France     $150.00    
20       Cyrille De Foucaud           France     $150.00    
20       Pascal Desjardins            France     $150.00    
20       Marcos Gonzalez              Spain      $150.00    
20       Daniel Ravon                 France     $150.00    
25       Fernando Escribano           Spain      $150.00    
25       Miquel Ragull                Spain      $150.00    
27       Pascal Haberkorn             France     $150.00    
28       Quang Dong Nguyen            France     $150.00    
29       Jeremie Bonte                France     $150.00    
29       Clement Merville             France     $150.00    
31       Jean Baptiste Leydier        France     $150.00    
32       Aaron Cummings               Ireland    $150.00    
Top 64 (The ones in bold are leading after four rounds on Sunday)

Name                            Country            
Daniel Jiminez Alfonzo          Spain              
Antonio Pena                    Spain              
Arnaud Atoch                    France             
Martial Berard                  France             
Manuel Bevand                   France             
Jeremie Bonte                   France             
Stephane Bremier                France             
Regis Cascino                   France             
Cyrille de Foucaud              France             
Michael Debard                  France             
Pascal Desjardins               France             
Fabrice Dussault                France             
Pierre Fayard                   France             
Alain Fernandez                 France             
Jean-Francois Gonthier          France             
Pascal Haberkorn                France             
Philippe Jean                   France             
Pierre Alain Laur               France             
Rapheal Levy                    France             
Jean Baptiste Leydier           France             
Clement Merville                France             
Quang-Dong Nguyen               France             
Nicolas Olivieri                France             
Julien Oriol                    France             
Laurent Pagorek                 France             
Mathieu Poujade                 France             
Daniel Ravon                    France             
Aaron Cimmings                  Ireland            
Ivan Hanley                     Ireland            
Tom McDonnell                   Ireland            
Manuel Anton                    Spain              
Juan Babiloni                   Spain              
Joaquim Casa                    Spain              
David Castro                    Spain              
David Cozar                     Spain              
Daniel Diaz                     Spain              
Fernando Escribano              Spain              
Foan Frances                    Spain              
Javier Perez Fresnedo           Spain              
Carmelo Garcia                  Spain              
Ivan Garcia                     Spain              
Miguel Garcia                   Spain              
Ivan Girona                     Spain              
Marcos Gonzalez                 Spain              
Ricardo Guerra                  Spain              
Jose Luis Lopez                 Spain              
Pedro Marco                     Spain              
Marc Mateos                     Spain              
Carlos Miralles                 Spain              
Nacho Olivera                   Spain              
Bruno Ortiz                     Spain              
Miguel Palacios                 Spain              
Martomeu Palliser               Spain              
Jordi Pereira                   Spain              
Miquel Ragull                   Spain              
Manuel Rebmann                  Spain              
Santiago Rodriguez              Spain              
Israel Rosales                  Spain              
Cesar Sanchez                   Spain              
Rodrigo Silva                   Spain              
Jordi Sodevila                  Spain              
Marc Soler                      Spain              
Raul Zamorano                   Spain              
Wences Barrufet                 Switzerland        

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