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Kjeldoran Cunning

Kjeldoran Cunning

Coldsnap Theme Deck

The noble Kjeldoran Soldiers have teamed up with the crafty Zuran Wizards to build an army that can outfight and outthink any foes. With the “Kjeldoran Cunning” deck, you’re the general of that army. You’ll need all your wits about you to win the fight.

In the first few turns of the game, get some Soldiers onto the table. If you see an opportunity to attack, don’t hesitate to do so, but be prepared to stay on defense if necessary. Meanwhile, use any extra mana to play deck manipulation spells to improve both the cards in your hand and the cards you’ll be drawing soon.

Before too long you’ll have an array of Soldiers on the battlefield, hopefully led by Field Marshal. Sometimes that’s enough to win the game, as you can simply overwhelm an inferior defense. In the games when that’s not possible, you’ve got another strategy. Your opponent won’t be able to fight through your ground troops to damage you, so you’re safe until you find a breakthrough threat like Kjeldoran Gargoyle, Jötun Owl Keeper, or Wings of Aesthir.

So where’s the cunning? All around you! Brainstorm and Reinforcements let you manipulate the top of your library so that when you play a spell with ripple, you know there’s another copy of that card waiting to be played for free. Both of those cards are also excellent with Portent. Darien, King of Kjeldor and Zuran Spellcaster are a nifty duo: Have the Spellcaster deal damage to you, and you get a fresh new Soldier for your trouble! Kjeldoran Elite Guard and Kjeldoran Pride let you dominate combat, since having either one in play makes it nearly impossible for your opponent to attack or block your creatures safely.

If you see that your opponent’s methods of gaining extra cards, such as recover, will be better than yours over the course of a drawn-out game, it’s time for your army go on the offensive and end the game as quickly as possible! Gigantic creatures are also tough to deal with. Keep them at bay as long as you can while you attack in the air.

After getting a feel for the deck, you might want to customize it. Extra Field Marshals are sure to help your army. If you can grapple the complex ability of banding, more of the Ice Age Kjeldorans—Kjeldoran Knight, Kjeldoran Phalanx, and Kjeldoran Skycaptain—would be right at home with their new compatriots.

1Jötun GruntU1 ManaWhite Mana
3Kjeldoran OutriderC1 ManaWhite Mana
1Jötun Owl KeeperU2 ManaWhite Mana
4Surging SentinelsC2 ManaWhite Mana
1Field MarshalR1 ManaWhite ManaWhite Mana
2Kjeldoran Elite Guard*U3 ManaWhite Mana
1Kjeldoran Home Guard*U3 ManaWhite Mana
1Kjeldoran GargoyleU5 ManaWhite Mana
1Darien, King of KjeldorR4 ManaWhite ManaWhite Mana
2Zuran Spellcaster*C2 ManaBlue Mana
1Reinforcements*CWhite Mana
1Swords to Plowshares*UWhite Mana
1Disenchant*C1 ManaWhite Mana
1Kjeldoran Pride*C1 ManaWhite Mana
1Scars of the Veteran*U4 ManaWhite Mana
3Brainstorm*CBlue Mana
2Portent*CBlue Mana
2Lat-Nam's Legacy*C1 ManaBlue Mana
1Binding Grasp*U3 ManaBlue Mana
4Surging ÆtherC3 ManaBlue Mana
2Wings of Aesthir*UWhite ManaBlue Mana
2Boreal ShelfU
Kjeldoran Cunning

* = from a previous set

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