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Temple of the Dragonslayer
Dragonlance: The New Adventures
Tim Waggoner

Nearra does not know who she is or where she lives, but she does know one thing: someone wants her dead. Her only hope lies leagues away, in an ancient temple, where healing clerics may be able to restore her memory.

A helpful young ranger, a failed warrior, a sneaky elf, and a kender wizard offer to accompany Nearra on her journey. She soon learns her newfound friends have secrets of their own. As goblins, an angry minotaur, and a vicious green dragon attempt to stop them at every turn, friendships are tested and all of it may come to ruin from the one Nearra trusts the most.

Temple of the Dragonslayer launches a series of Dragonlance adventures written specifically for readers ages 10 and up. The series features a new group of young companions who band together for friendship and excitement during the golden age of the Dragonlance world.

Item Details
Item Code: 965950000
Release Date: July 2004
Format: Paperback
Page Count: 256
Price: $5.99 C$8.99
ISBN: 0-7869-3321-6
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