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The Math Behind the DCsD&D Insider Article
Ruling Skill Challenges
by Mike Mearls

It's hard to believe that this column is on top of its first anniversary! Over the past year, we've looked at the basics of skill challenges, explored a number of samples, and focused on a few broad types of challenges.

First, to cap off a year of skill challenges, I'd like next month to serve as a question-and-answer column. Fire away with your queries; I'll collect them and answer as many as possible in next month's installment.

For this month, let's look at the single topic that provokes the most questions in terms of skill challenge mechanics: Skill DCs.

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    About the Author

    Mike Mearls is the Lead Developer for the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game. His recent credits include H1: Keep on the Shadowfell and Player's Handbook II (v.3.5).