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Popular D&D Forums
If you want to talk about D&D 4th Edition, this is the place. Inside you’ll find general topics on all things D&D including discussions on recent D&D products and an active community of D&D fans.
It takes great craftsmanship to develop a compelling and credible background for a character. Get some ideas and assistance within. This forum focuses on roleplaying and back-story.
Want to eke every mechanical benefit out of your character? Is Min/Max your middle name? Trying to design a character from a loophole you've discovered? Bounce off your ideas!
Need some sage advice? Join this no-nonsense discussion about what a rule means or where it can be found.
Get the latest D&D Insider information, updates, and community opinions. Speculate on the next releases, create a wishlist, and tips on character creation using the D&D Character Builder.
The D&D Next playtest has officially opened to the public! Discuss playtesting the next iteration of the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.
With fresh Dragon and Dungeon Magazine articles published weekly, you'll find no shortage of discussions here. Talk up the latest adventures, D&D Insider character classes, and more.
Join this community if you want to learn more about Living Forgotten Realms, discuss how to make the most of your character using the LFR rules, or discuss and review specific adventures.
Featured D&D Groups
Owner: Wotc_Trevor
The official community group for Dungeons & Dragons.
Owner: wotc_tulach
The official group for the Living Forgotten Realms campaign.
Owner: wotc_tulach
Worldwide D&D Game Day is a recurring public event celebrating Dungeons & Dragons.
Owner: Wotc_vkorstanje
The official hub for D&D in the UK and Ireland.
Owner: _newbiedm_
A group for new DM's to meet and share tips, tricks, and suggestions on how best to run a D&D game.
Owner: Wavester
Group for current or potential judges for the RPGA at big shows such as Gen Con, or D&D Experience.
Owner: Fastbond
A general-purpose group for people who use the D&D Character Optimization board.
Owner: johnnyquest
The DDM Guild develops and supports the D&D Miniatures Game, including maintaining rules and more.
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