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Scarred for LifeD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of levels 5-7
by Andrew Schneider

An infamous, scarred outlaw has come out of hiding to resolve his strange connection to the Chaos Scar. The heroes must decide whether to bring the outlaw to long-deserved justice, or cooperate with him to lift an ancient curse.

“Scarred for Life” is a DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® Chaos Scar adventure for characters of levels 7–9. You can change the names of personalities and places to suit your own campaign.

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    About the Author

    Andrew Scheider is an author and freelance game designer in the Washington, DC, area. His recent credits include “Reign of Despair” (Dungeon 191), “Creature Incarnations: Fomorians” (Dungeon 176), and “Channel Divinity: Ioun” (Dragon 385).

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