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DaggerdaleD&D Insider Article
by Eric Menge

It is said that people don’t live in Daggerdale, they survive it. One historian, describing the dale’s uneasy past, said that it was as if its first human settlers left ruined Jhaamdath behind only to bring the empire’s troubles with them. Daggerdale and its environs have suffered the depredations of vampires, the power struggles of despotic wizards, and the heavy hand of Zhentish occupiers. Now, lycanthropes ravage the land, instilling dread in Daggerdale’s denizens night after night, and they are not the only threat: Humanoid monsters have begun raiding from out of the Desertsmouth Mountains in numbers unseen for centuries.

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    About the Author

    Eric Menge is an author, an editor, and an intermittent attorney. He has designed nearly twenty adventures for the RPGA, written web articles for Wizards of the Coast, and acted as a campaign administrator for the Living Greyhawk campaign. He is currently creating an online graphic novel, Snow-by-Night.

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