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Devil's DueD&D Insider Article
An adventure for characters of 17th-19th level
by John Rossomangno

The captain of the astral ship Gleaming Endeavor, Graf Aubren, prides himself on making his deliveries of precious trade goods across the Astral Sea without damage or loss. He has earned a reputation as an honest and scrupulous captain over the years, chiefly by carrying cargo of immense value and importance for influential denizens of the Plane Above. Thus it came as no surprise to him when another customer who spoke highly of the captain's reputation approached him. Considering the value of the cargo and the wealth of its owner, cost was no object. Aubren would be fabulously wealthy at the end of this trip ... if all went well.

The captain considered the devil’s offer. As he’d said, his delivery record did speak for itself. Surely he could manage this. The amount of compensation for the trip was staggering—more than enough to handle his debts—and he had faith in his abilities. Plus, he could take on extra hands to help with any unforeseen dangers. He had been over the paperwork now, and other than this unsettling request, it seemed straightforward. "You understand that I’ll take my signing fee immediately?" he asked.

"Of course. I have it with me," the devil said. "Does this mean you accept the terms?"

Captain Aubren locked eyes with the devil. "Yes."

About the Author

John “Ross” Rossomangno has enjoyed the Dungeons & Dragons game in all its incarnations for more than twenty-five years. He has finally fulfilled his childhood dream of a separate building strictly for gaming that is actually larger than the house he shares with his incredibly supportive and remarkably tolerant wife. They live in a tiny Pennsylvania town that bears an eerie resemblance to the tiny Connecticut town he grew up in. When he isn’t writing, he dreams of returning to a nameless bar on the Mekong River with a healthy supply of notepads and pens ... and an open tab.

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