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Alliance at NefelusD&D Insider Article
The Scales of War Adventure Path: part 10
by Chris Tulach

The Scales of War continues as the characters, at the behest of a staunch ally, race to the island of Nefelus. There they find a nation under siege by an icy menace and a threat more dire than any they've faced so far. Can they brave the perils of Icehome? Can they destroy the threat of the Seed of Winter? "Alliance at Nefelus" is an adventure for five 14th-level characters.

The island nation of Nefelus, a lush tropical realm that has long kept itself isolated from the dealings of the rest of the world, has recently found its tranquil peace disturbed by a threat that even its deva-led mage council cannot squelch. Several weeks ago, a mysterious ice floe appeared a few miles off the coast of the island, and within a few days, the warm and pleasant climate of Nefelus began to grow colder, threatening the natural order.

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    About the Author

    Originally thought to have been raised from a humble Midwestern family, Chris Tulach actually fell to Earth in a meteorite-shaped capsule flung from a planet far outside our galaxy. While under the yellow rays of Sol, Chris's nerdity far surpasses that of any normal human. Using this precious gift only for good, he has become the D&D Organized Play Content Developer, responsible for the development and deployment of Dungeons & Dragons organized play programs. He is also the co-author of E2, Kingdom of the Ghouls.

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