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RPGA Report
by Chris Tulach

In this installment of the RPGA Report, we’ll look at what’s brewing in the D&D Organized Play cauldron here at Wizards over the next few months. So without any more fanfare, here we go!

The first new program we have launches in September and is called D&D Delve Night. It’s a monthly dungeoncrawl adventure that is separated into four encounters. Each encounter takes about 1–2 hours to complete. The encounters are meant to be played one per week, or as often as the organizer and DM agree to run them. Each encounter is displayed on a full-color cardstock sheet with all the information needed to DM the session right on the sheet. Players simply show up with characters of the appropriate level (or create them onsite) and jump right into the action!

As an organizer, this is a great way to have a weekly D&D game without a large time commitment. The session can be played on a weeknight, or you can play a longer session on the weekend using more than one encounter. As a DM, everything you need to run the adventure is on the sheet; just bring some Dungeon Tiles and D&D Miniatures and you’re ready to go. As a player, you can get a weekly game of D&D in without having to worry about scheduling time with a group—simply show up at your play location with the appropriately leveled character (or make one onsite) and you’re ready to go.

The first adventure is called “The Tower of Maraj” written by R&D’s Rodney Thompson. To be an organizer for D&D Delve Night, you need to be involved in the new Wizards Play Network. If you’re interested in participating in the Wizards Play Network, go to for more information. If you’re just interested in playing, ask your local store or place where public D&D games are held to find out if they’re participating. (And if they’re not, bug them until they do.)

Alright, let’s move on to the second big new thing. As I write this, we are practically on the eve of the official launch of the Living Forgotten Realms (LFR, for short) campaign. There are already hundreds of events that have been set up to play the first few adventures. But we’re taking things to another level this fall. On October 24–26, we’re holding a worldwide event called Weekend in the Realms. Think of it as a sort of launch party for Living Forgotten Realms and a way to help build your LFR community.

So what’s so special about this event? First off, there’s an exclusive mega-adventure playable only that weekend written for LFR play. It’s called “Beneath Haunted Halls,” it’s for characters levels 1–4, and it’s written by Wizards’ own Matt Sernett. Set in and around the famous Haunted Halls of Eveningstar, the adventure is broken into three parts; each part takes approximately 3 hours to play. You can play one, two, or all three parts if you’d like, and earn rewards for your LFR character for each part. Either bring your existing character or create a new one onsite; you’ll be able to play all day with just this one adventure.

There’s more than just the adventure at Weekend in the Realms. We’ll provide DMs with a cool poster map with two of the encounter areas, we’ll have a trivia sheet to test your Forgotten Realms knowledge, and we’ll have a poll sheet to let the RPGA know what you want to see in Living Forgotten Realms in 2009. All of this stuff is bundled in a kit, which will be available by signing up through the Wizards website at The kit is available in both a print form and an electronic file only form; if you sign up to host an event through the website, you’ll most likely receive the printed kit. The big requirement is that you need to host a public event. We want organizers to get their communities together to play at a store, community center, library, or convention.

You can also make Weekend in the Realms into a bigger event. Mobilize your RPGA community to help with setting up a convention-style atmosphere, order more adventures to play during the weekend, and get ready for a weekend of fun!

That’s all I have this time. Tune in next time, when we veer away from news and back to tackling more of what makes the RPGA tick!

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Originally thought to have been raised from a humble Midwestern family, Chris Tulach actually fell to Earth in a meteorite-shaped capsule flung from a planet far outside our galaxy. While under the yellow rays of Sol, Chris’s nerdity far surpasses that of any normal human. Using this precious gift only for good, he has become the RPGA Content Designer, responsible for the development and deployment of Dungeons & Dragons organized play programs.

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