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Moradin's FaithfulD&D Insider Article
Channel Divinity
By Michael W. Haneline

This article offers advice and new rules for player characters who choose Moradin as a divine patron. A character who serves Moradin joins the ranks of ironwilled dwarves, humans, and others who embrace the virtues of stoicism, patience, loyalty, and honor, and who understand the importance of lasting creation.

With his hammer and his pick, Moradin struck the primordial earth and formed mountains. With his hammer and the Soulforge, he fashioned the firstborn dwarves from bedrock, iron, and diamonds. With his hammer and his tenacity, he struck down each primordial that would think to destroy his creations. And so, the dwarves, humans, and other people of the world were inspired. They learned the value of patience, stoicism, loyalty, and honor. They discovered mining, smithing, and the crafts of the artisan. The creations became creators, and Moradin was pleased.

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    About the Authors

    Michael Haneline started playing D&D when he was eight years old, when he and his best friend found an original D&D Basic boxed set at a local garage sale. He has been playing, DMing, and designing ever since. This is his first Dragon article, and he'd like to thank his friends Dan, Justin, Jessica, Genevieve, and Tex for their support.

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