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Lil' Flame
Emi Tanji

Paper Engineers: Roni Ruggenberg, Christine Lee
Illustrator: Emi Tanji

F or April Fool's Day, we presented Lil' Flame as though he was the first figure in a new papercraft version of the Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game. While that's not true, we think you might want to bring him to your gaming table all the same.

Created by Wizards of the Coast Concept Designer Emi Tanji with Packaging & Product Designers Roni Ruggenberg and Christine Lee, and named after the most famous villain in the history of Dungeon magazine (who was just featured in Issue 200's Flame's Last Flicker adventure), Lil' Flame packs a ton of draconic might into his tiny frame.

Click the link below, print out his sheet, and, with an appropriate cutting implement and some tape or glue (plus parental supervision), Lil' Flame can make a great rainy day project for young adventurers. But this hi-res image can also be blown up to larger scale and printed onto any available material for the entertainment of advanced craftsfolk of all ages. (In fact, we'd love to see pictures of any particularly impressive versions of Lil' Flame you construct. Email them to us at

And if you find you have a taste for cut-and-fold dungeoneering, look for the papercraft Lolth figure (also created by Emi Tanji and Christine Lee) that will be available at the Wizards of the Coast booth at the PAX East, Gen Con, and PAX Prime conventions later this year.

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