Playtest Archive | 6/28/2011
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Scoundrel Rogue

This week we’re rolling out the Class Compendium article for the Player’s Handbook rogue. In this update, we did not make many significant changes to the class. We updated some powers that had open-ended or poorly defined shift movement, but most of the changes were for the sake of clarity.

There is, however, one notable rogue power from the Player’s Handbook that we felt needed to be reined in: blinding barrage.

While not as egregious an offender as, say, low slash from Martial Power, blinding barrage is exceptionally good as a level 1 daily attack power. It does a good amount of damage to multiple targets, and it can blind them. Multitarget blind is very good control, which isn’t provided to any other class as early as level 1. Blinding barrage gets a damage roll on top of it, too, which lets the rogue bring in any bonuses he or she might have to damage rolls.

In this update, we’ve attempted to bring the power back in line. We considered a number of options for reducing the power’s effectiveness. One could argue that the power would be just fine if it targeted just one enemy, or even if it did no damage at all. We considered limiting the blind to just one target, but keeping the blast damage. Ultimately, we decided to remove the damage roll, but keep a small amount of damage. This lets the rogue continue to sneak attack with the power, and retains the multitarget nature of the power, but makes the blinding effect the focus of the power.

We’d be interested in your feedback on the changes to this power. Our goal was to change the power in a way where it is still a compelling option. How well do you think we’ve hit that goal?

Once you’ve had a chance to review and playtest the material, please send your feedback to with the subject line “Rogue Playtest” by July 10.

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