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Lord Neverember
Neverwinter Campaign Setting Excerpts

I am more than pleased to offer my services and gold to rebuilding this fine center of culture and trade. Through our combined efforts, Neverwinter will be reborn as a bastion of good in the Sword Coast North!
—Dagult Neverember

New Neverwinter

The New Neverwinter movement is gaining a foothold as Lord Dagult Neverember’s hired hands and goons patrol the streets and rebuild the city. Neverember ostensibly takes his role as protector seriously, sending his mercenaries to oust the orcs in the River District, repel plaguechanged monstrosities at the Wall, and otherwise keep the peace. The lord endeavors to lure home and win over Neverwinter’s refugee population. He is focusing on rebuilding the city, maintaining order and trade, and putting silver (if not gold) into residents’ hands.

The New Neverwinter concept is a propaganda tool the Lord Protector is using to stir up nationalistic emotions in the populace. This tactic, combined with the physical improvements to the city, has drawn most residents over to Neverember’s camp. However, some factions within the city consider the idea of a “New Neverwinter” an insult to the city’s sovereignty. The foremost oppositional faction is the Sons of Alagondar (page 117), a group that actively opposes Neverember and his plans. Its followers are busy plotting, setting traps, and enlisting whatever aid they can find.

Lord Dagult Neverember

The Open Lord of Waterdeep is a commanding noble. Big, boisterous, and affable, Neverember treats each new acquaintance as a friend. Beneath his congenial display, his quick mind is sizing up everyone in attendance, tallying potential gains or threats each could offer him. Despite feigning disinterest in scandals and hints of corruption, he mentally files away each rumor. He offers genuine respect to strong, intelligent male acquaintances and flirts outrageously with beautiful female guests.

A shrewd negotiator, Neverember prefers straight dealing. He is well known as an economic puppet master, facilitating trade deals that shock even those involved.

The open lord of Waterdeep is not a conventional villain. He is a ruthless opportunist and imperialist, arrogant and greedy, but he is not evil. In the right circumstances, he could prove an ally to the heroes.

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The Neverwinter Experience

Once a glittering beacon of civilization, the Jewel of the North now promises death to the timid, glory to the bold, and danger for all. This is Neverwinter: join the adventure, choose your faction, and change the game!

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