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Trading Up
Trade Federation decks have long been part of the Star Wars Trading Card Game, and they remain a potent strategy. They took a hit with the restriction of Blockade (TPM), but Revenge of the Sith added new cards to help. Check out this new deck!
Luke's Rally
Star Wars TCG players always want a secret to put them over the top. The new deck laid out in this article shows you how to set up a combo to draw your whole deck -- and how to follow up with a winning strategy.
GenCon 2005 Winning Decklists
The 2005 Star Wars Trading Card Game Championships were held at GenCon and we have the winning decklists here for you! How does your deck match up against the champs?
Jawas of Doom
For a long time, I toyed with making a Jawa deck for the Star Wars Trading Card Game, but they never had enough punch to deal with big Light Side threats. However, I've since learned how to make them truly effective, so check out this newest wave of Jawas of Doom!
Ask Wizards
Where can I find out about 2005's Star Wars TCG tournaments and championship?


Kashyyyk System Kashyyyk SystemRevenge of the Sith, Uncommon – Seen in the article "The Jedi's Last Stand," this card has quite a bit of power. Endowing all of your Space units without the Retaliate ability to gain that ability can change the course of a game. It will undoubtedly make your opponent think twice before attacking. Swarm decks were powerful in the past, but now this gives the Light Side swarm more teeth in its bite. It's cheap, effective, and predicted to popular at tournaments.


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