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Prophecy of the Dragons

Knights of the Silver Dragon - Revelations, Part 1
Matt Forbeck

Item Code 955597400
Release Date June 2006
Format Mass Market Paperback
Page Count 192
ISBN 0-7869-4031-X
Price $5.99 ;  C$7.99

Five years ago, treasure hunters destroyed a seal deep in the Dungeons of Doom, releasing hordes of monsters upon the people of Curston. An ancient prophecy predicted the city would face the fiends of the Abyss again. It’s up to Moyra, Driskoll, and Kellach to make sure that prediction never comes true.

But it won’t be easy with their worst enemy back in town. After disabling Zendric with a potent spell, Lexos sets out to find the key that has kept the seal locked for the past five years. Naturally, Lexos has a few surprises up his sleeve. But what the Knights find behind the Seal may be the biggest surprise of them all.

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