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Night of the Straw Men

Each year in the village of Steeplefall, the villagers celebrate the Day of the Straw Men. A villager must merely whisper his or her sins to the small effigy, then burn it in a massive fire at the town square to be scoured clean.

But someone has an ulterior motive at this year's burning. After the PCs have had a chance to enjoy the festivities, at the evening's bonfire, a dark power strikes. Can the characters save the festival and the innocent townsfolk in attendance? Even if they do, who or what was behind the attack?

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About the Author

Stephen J. Smith's only published works have all been in Dungeon Magazine, though it’s been twelve years (Yikes!) since his last Side Trek. He’d like to make shout-outs to the classic Mystara game world (original home of the Day of the Straw Men holiday) and to his playtesters: Kirk, Patrick, and Paul. He lives in Massachusetts.

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