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Adventures 03/01/2001

Return to the Temple of the Frog

The Order of the Frog was thought to have been vanquished decades ago, with High Priest Saint Stephen defeated. No one knew that Stephen later returned to the temple, hoping to salvage what he could. An adventure for 10th-level characters.
Elite Opponents 01/26/2007

Variant Lodestone Marauders

The rusty, spiky, fearsome lodestone marauder might just work for your game as is -- and then again, for a batch of half-fey, half-dragon, fiery, cold, corrupted, and pseudonatural fun, take a look within this article.
Steal This Hook! 01/24/2007

Stealing the Crown Jewels

Scoundrels are not always thieves, but thieves are usually always scoundrels. This month, we hook your PCs into adventures involving thieves and thefts.
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Art Gallery 09/21/2006
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