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  • Ages 12+
  • 2 - 6 players
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  • Spring 1941, The World is at War!

    Axis & Allies celebrates 50 years of Avalon Hill games with this Anniversary Edition of the classic World War II strategy board game. Designed by Larry Harris, A&A Anniversary Edition will utilize the standard D6 combat system found in Axis & Allies Revised, Europe, & Pacific. Italy will debut as the third Axis nation, China will be operated by the US player, and cruiser class ships will join the naval line-up for the first time. The largest board ever produced for an A&A game, along with deluxe components will ensure this is the granddaddy of all Axis & Allies board games. Deploy your forces and prepare for battle!

    Axis & Allies: Anniversary Edition details:

    • Designed by Larry Harris, creator of Axis & Allies
    • Italy introduced as the third Axis nation
    • Two set-up options: Spring 1941 and Spring 1942
    • Cruiser class ships join the naval unit line-up
    • China included as US controlled ally
    • New sculpts for Italy, China, and others
    • Game board measures ~ 24” x 46”
    • Over 600 game pieces
    • 48 page rulebook

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