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Axis & Allies

Gametable Online -- Play Axis & Allies and other Avalon Hill games online now!.

Harris Game Design -- The official site of Axis & Allies inventor Larry Harris.

Axis & Allies dot org -- Terrific all-round resource.

The Smorey Swamp -- Useful tournament information from the Axis & Allies tournament organizer for Gen Con and Origins.

Battle Cry

Battle Cry Unofficial Website -- Quite a few scenarios, some variant rules, and graphics to print new and replacement terrain pieces.

Painting Your Battle Cry Figures -- Fun article on how to paint the figures for a more attractive game.

Cosmic Encounter

Cosmic Encounter Online -- Play the game online. Need we say more?

The Warp -- Comprehensive Cosmic Encounter site.


The Diplomatic Pouch -- Best one-step online source for everything Diplomacy, including maps, variants, and online games.

North American Diplomacy Federation -- Weekly or even daily updates on what's happening in the world of competitive Diplomacy. If you're looking for upcoming tournaments in your area, or news about who won a tournament, NADF is the resource for you.

Melle's Diplomacy Page -- Another excellent resource with maps and variants, links to the Diplomacy Adjudicator, and an electronic, text-based Diplomacy opponent.

The Diplomacy Archive -- An encyclopedic resource for all things related to Diplomacy.

Internet Point-of-Introduction to Diplomacy -- Many excellent articles directed toward Diplomacy newcomers but with plenty to offer veteran players, too.

Diplomiscellany -- A miscellaneous collection of Diplomacy-related essays, variants, and rules clarifications.

History of the World

History of the World Comprehensive Links -- Many links to useful HotW pages with reviews, variants, and PBEM info.

Advanced History of the World -- Rules for a variant that adds more empires to the game.

Bidding for World Domination -- A rules variant that lets players buy their next empire rather than draw it randomly or have it assigned by another player. Also has information on PBEM.

Risk 2210 AD

Designer's Comments -- Commentary from designer Rob Daviau on what sets Risk 2210 A.D. apart from classic Risk.

Risk 2210 Community on -- BBS, play aids, events list, photos, chat rooms, and more on these active community pages.

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