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What happened to the "old" Avalon Hill?

Avalon Hill, a division of Monarch Avalon, was disbanded in the summer of 1998 when Monarch Avalon decided to get out of the gaming industry. Hasbro Games purchased the rights to the AH games and back inventory and the name "Avalon Hill."

Where can I find old Avalon Hill games?

Many hobby and game stores still have the more recent AH titles in stock. Hasbro sold much of the inventory it inherited to online retailers. People are actively engaged in selling and trading second-hand games on many websites, including our own message boards; these are probably the best resources for finding older games. (And while we can't think of any good reasons why someone wouldn't want their old AH games, if you have some that you're willing to part with, offer them for sale or trade -- keep those games in circulation!)

Where can I buy new Avalon Hill games?

We have a list of online and traditional retailers here.

Where can I get replacement parts for my new Avalon Hill games?

The best place to try is

Are any of the older games being rereleased?

Diplomacy, Acquire, and History of the World, three classic games, have already been rereleased. Other titles are being considered (although we can't talk here about which ones).

Did Hasbro buy the entire Avalon Hill line?

Yes. Some individual games, however, were licensed to interested publishers. In particular, the entire Squad Leader/Advanced Squad Leader series was licensed to Multi-Man Publishing, along with Bitter Woods, Up Front, Siege of Jerusalem, Brittania, the Great Campaigns of the Civil War series, Patton's Best, Breakout: Normandy, Wrasslin', Panzerblitz, and Panzer Leader.

What conventions will Avalon Hill attend?

This is hard to predict far into the future. Watch this site for announcements and for specific pages related to our plans for upcoming conventions.

Where can I find patches for computer games, new or old?

Just click here.

Where can I get spare copies of the rules for my new Avalon Hill games?
You can download electronic versions of the rulebooks in PDF format for free right here. Then you can read them on your computer or print them out (you'll need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view or print the files).

Will the older, classic Avalon Hill wargames get any support on this website?

Absolutely. We love those older games as much as anyone, and while we might not write many new strategy articles and scenarios for them, we will regularly reprint the best articles from The General to support those games. Like everyone, however, we have limited resources, and a lot of our focus will be on the newer games like Risk 2210 A.D. and updated versions of selected classics like History of the World. You'll find articles on those games right alongside those on Blackbeard and The Russian Campaign.

When will we see updated versions of the games that were licensed to Multi-Man Publishing?

The people who can answer that question are the talented and dedicated folks at Multi-Man Publishing.

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