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Set out on the Hero's Path through Theros as you build your power and myth to become a true hero. You will discover quests at Magic: The Gathering Theros block events at your local game store.

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Do you have what it takes to Stand Among Heroes?

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The Hero's Path

The Hero's Path leads you on heroic quests Magic: The Gathering Theros events block at your local store.

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Prerelease | September 21–22

You have been chosen by the gods of Theros as a hero. To begin building your myth you have a choice.

Choose Your Path: Your first Hero's Path quest begins with a choice. At the Theros Prerelease you must choose your heroic path based on one of Magic's mana colors. Choose the Path of Honor, Wisdom, Ambition, Battle, or Might. Then you will receive a Theros Prerelease Pack based on your choice. Build your deck and play, and while you do you can work with others at the Prerelease to solve the questions on the activity cards and be rewarded with your first Hero Card.

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Hero's Path FAQ

Hero Cards

Hero's Path Quest 1 Card
Hero's Path Quest 1 Card
Hero's Path Quest 1 Card
Hero's Path Quest 1 Card
Hero's Path Quest 1 Card

Quest 1 – Theros Prerelease

Path of Honor – The Protector

Quest 1 – Theros Prerelease

Path of Wisdom – The Philosopher

Quest 1 – Theros Prerelease

Path of Ambition – The Avenger

Quest 1 – Theros Prerelease

Path of Battle – The Warrior

Quest 1 – Theros Prerelease

Path of Might – The Hunter

Complete Quest 1 at the Theros Prerelease and earn your first Hero Card. Each Choose Your Path Prerelease Pack has a different Hero Card. One side is redeemable for a Planeswalker Points achievement and the other side will help you when you Face the Hydra in Quest 3 at Theros Game Day.

Claim Your Achievement

On the back of each of your Hero Cards is a code that can be redeemed at PlaneswalkerPoints.com. You'll get an achievement and badge that matches your Hero Card.

Redeem Hero Card Achievement Codes


Theros Product Image: Fat Pack, Booster Box, Booster Pack

Magic: The Gathering Theros goes on sale September 27, 2013. Purchase booster packs, the Fat Pack, or Intro Packs and be armed to do battle on the Hero's Path.

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Magic Online Theros Prerelease October 4

Hero Cards are available at participating retail locations and only available at Prelease, Launch Weekend, and Game Day Magic: The Gathering events for the Theros block. One Hero Card per player per event. Hero Cards and the Hero’s Path promotion are not available in all locations. Hero Cards are available while supplies last. Hero Cards have no monetary value and may only be redeemed at Planeswalkerpoints.com to activate Hero’s Path achievements. You may only redeem one of each Hero Card on Planeswalkerpoints.com. To complete the Hero’s Path promotion and have your name listed in the Hall of Heroes, you must participate in the Prelease, Launch Weekend, and Game Day for each Magic: The Gathering set from the Theros block, obtain a Hero Card at each event (9 in total), and redeem each Hero Card’s promotional code at Planeswalkerpoints.com. Participants in this promotion will have their first and last names appear on the Wizards of the Coast web site. Participants can contact Wizards of the Coast Game Support to request that your name be removed. Please contact Game Support if you have an issue redeeming a promotional code or questions regarding the Hero’s Path.