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What is Planeswalker Points?

Planeswalker Points is a worldwide system designed to reward you for playing in sanctioned Magic events. Unlike previous systems that rewarded only winning, Planeswalker Points is based on a simple premise: playing Magic is awesome and should be rewarded and winning is even better.

What is a sanctioned event?

Any event that is scheduled by an authorized tournament organizer and whose results are properly reported to Wizards of the Coast is a sanctioned event.

There are two types of sanctioned events: (1) casual, which includes any events where match results aren't reported, multiplayer events, and events with fewer than eight players (you only get 1 participation point for casual events), and (2) competitive, where the results of each round are recorded and officially reported.

How do I get points? How are they tracked?

You get points by playing in sanctioned Magic events. You'll get even more points by winning matches, by playing in larger events, and by playing in special events with higher multipliers that can increase the number of points you receive.

Click here for the complete Planeswalker Points terms and conditions

Planeswalker Points tracks your points in various ways, including Lifetime Points that allow you to level up and gain ranks. There are also different categories, like the Yearly Award Points, which are used to determine player invitations to exclusive events, award byes to Grand Prix events, and/or offer other rewards.

How Do I Get Started?
Joining Planeswalker Points

If you have a DCI number, you are already a member of the Planeswalker Points Program. To view your points, just enter your DCI number on the Planeswalker Points page and click “View Points." If you do not have a DCI number, just follow the steps below to get started.

Find a Magic game near you.

Just use our Event Locator.

Store & Event Locator

Go to the event.

When you first arrive, let the Tournament Organizer know that you are a new player. You will be asked to fill out a short registration form that includes your DCI number. You will need your DCI number to log onto your Planeswalker Points profile.


Immediately after the event ends, your Tournament Organizer will activate your account and enter your play results into the Wizards database.

Activate your account to view your points.

Use the Activation code on your registration form to create a password for your account. Note that you can still view your profile and points without a password, but to protect your privacy many features are disabled unless you have a password.

Keep playing to get more points!
Earning Points

Planeswalker Points rewards you for every sanctioned Magic event you play in. Here's how:

Casual Events

Play in a casual event and you get at least 1 point. Only your participation counts in casual events and you receive a fixed number of points when you participate. Points from casual events are listed as bonus points in your match history, as match results are not reported. For even greater numbers of points, competitive events are where it's at!

Competitive Events

Competitive Events count both your participation and all of your match wins and draws. Competitive events have multipliers which can increase your points even more!

Match Points

Every time you win a sanctioned match, you get 3 points! Every time you draw a sanctioned match, you get 1 point!

You can see your personal match history here.

Bonus Points

We'll periodically be offering special bonus point opportunities to help you level up faster! For example, some achievements that you earn will also earn you Lifetime Planeswalker Points. Make sure to check out the "Notifications" tab after logging in to stay on top of the current bonus point opportunities.

Participation Points

The more people who play in a sanctioned event, the more participation points you get! Bring your friends to an event and you'll all get more points!

Number of Participants
Participation Points
Multipliers & Additional Event Points

Different types of events will qualify for different event multipliers, sending the points you get for playing them through the roof! It starts with sanctioned events at a local gaming store and progresses up through the Pro Tour. The event multiplier applies to all points you get during an event except bonus points.

Here are examples of the different event multipliers available at events:

1x: Sanctioned Magic tournaments, Prerelease events, Friday Night Magic
2x: WPN Premium Qualifiers, Standard Showdown
3x: Store Championship, Public Events at Grand Prix
4x: Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers, WPN Premium Tournaments
8x: Nationals, Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, Grand Prix
12x: (Lifetime Points Only): Pro Tour, World Magic Cup, Magic World Championship

Certain special events and public tournaments at certain larger events may qualify for higher event multipliers. See the tournament fact sheets for the specific multipliers for those tournaments.

Remember: Casual events don't use event multipliers but are instead worth 1 Lifetime Point.

All Planeswalker Points allocations are subject to the Planeswalker Points terms and conditions here.

Tracking Your Progress

The Planeswalker Points program rewards by using different points categories based on the types of events you play in. The more points you receive, the higher your achievement level, and the likelier you are to get some great rewards. You can also earn achievements based on your involvement in various events or promotions.

Here's an overview of the different points categories used in Planeswalker Points and what those points are used for.

Points Dashboard
Lifetime Points

All reported Magic play counts toward your Lifetime Points. These points never reset! Your Lifetime Points are used to determine your achievement level and rank. If the events you're playing in aren't being reported, then you're not getting points! Make sure your favorite locations are running sanctioned Magic events.

You can view your Lifetime Points, current level, and match history by logging into your Planeswalker Points account.

Lifetime Points Formula

We calculate your Lifetime Points by adding together every point you've received in sanctioned Magic events—past, present, and future—plus any bonus points you've received.

Here's how it works:

  • Casual events are always worth at least 1 point, and don't include participation points or event multipliers. A casual event can have as few as two players.
  • To calculate the number of points earned at a competitive event, start with participation points based on the number of players in the event.
  • Then, add match points: 3 points for every match you win and 1 point for every match you draw.
  • Take this total and multiply it by the event multiplier.
  • If the event has any bonus points, add those in too (after the multiplier). You now have the total number of points earned at this event.
  • We add up the points from all your events, casual and competitive, to determine your Lifetime Points.

For example, let's say you play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier tournament with 30 players. You compete in five rounds, finishing with three wins, one draw, and one loss for a final record of 3-1-1. A tournament with 30 players is worth 2 Participation Points and the Event Multiplier for a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier is 4x. Also, let's say we were offering 5 bonus points to play in a For example, let's say you play in a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier that week. At this event, you'll earn:

points for match win (3 per win)
+ 1
points for match draw (1 per draw)
+ 2
participation points
= 12
12 x 4 (event multiplier)
= 48
48 + 5 (bonus points)
= 53
points that contribute to your Lifetime Points
Yearly Award Points

Planeswalker Points also includes a category for points gained in competitive Magic events called Yearly Award Points. Your Yearly Award Points combines all the points you got in a designated twelve-month period. For specific details click here.

After a Yearly season ends, your Yearly Award Points is used to determine whether you receive byes at Grand Prix events. Those benefits last until the end of the next yearly season. Additionally, your Yearly Award Points is used to determine your eligibility for participating in your country's Nationals.

Yearly Award Points Formula

We calculate your Yearly Award Points by adding together every point you've received in a competitive Magic event (sanctioned events that aren't casual events, Pro Tours, the World Magic Cup, or the Magic World Championship) or a designated twelve-month period. Bonus points are not included in your Yearly Award Points. Here's how it works:

  • Start with participation points based on the number of players in the event.
  • Then, add 3 points for every match you win and 1 point for every match you draw.
  • Take this total and multiply it by the event multiplier.
  • You now have the total number of points earned at this event that contribute to your Yearly Award Points.
  • We add up the points from all your events within the date range of the current season to determine your Yearly Award Points.

For example, let's say you play in a sanctioned booster draft tournament at your local store with 24 players. You compete in three rounds, finishing with two wins and one loss for a final record of 2-1. A tournament with 24 players is worth 2 Participation Points and the Event Multiplier for a sanctioned tournament is 1x.

points for match win (3 per win)
+ 0
points for match draw (1 per draw)
+ 2
participation points
= 8
8 x 1 (event multiplier)
= 8
points that contribute to your Yearly Award Points
Professional Total

Planeswalker Points rewards achievement at the highest levels of competition. Professional Points determine invitations to the Magic: The Gathering World Championship, membership in the Pro Tour Players Club, and qualifies a portion of the team members for the World Magic Cup team in each country.

Professional Points Formula

Professional Points are awarded based on your performance at Pro Tour, Grand Prix, World Magic Cup, Nationals and Magic World Championship events. As a result there is no specific formula used to calculate your points directly; instead, points are awarded based on your overall finish in these tournaments and all of those points are added up over the course of a designated twelve-month period, though only your best six finishes at Grand Prix are included.

You'll find the full breakdown of Professional Points based on the event in which you participated in Appendix B here.

Earning Invitations and Byes

Planeswalker Points gives players like you an opportunity to qualify for exclusive invitation-only events like Nationals. You can also get byes at a Grand Prix, the largest, most exciting open tournament we have to offer. Click here for all the ways that Planeswalker Points may qualify you for invitations and byes. Every match of Magic you play gets you closer to some sweet rewards. Here's how it works:

Grand Prix Byes

Succeeding at a Grand Prix takes skill, determination, and strategy . . . but starting the tournament with some wins certainly helps! For each bye you have for a Grand Prix, you'll start the tournament with that many wins. For example, if you have two byes, you'll automatically win the first two rounds of the tournament.

Grand Prix byes* are awarded in a number of ways, most common being based on your Yearly Award Points total. Here is how they break down:

Individual-Format Grand Prix
Minimum Yearly Award Season Points
One-round bye
Two-round bye

* Players receive only the highest bye level for which they are eligible.

Until the next Yearly Points season's end date, those players will start each Grand Prix they play in with the corresponding number of wins! That's right, you'll be able to use your byes in each Grand Prix you play in until the next season's end date. And with more Grand Prix events than ever before, there are more opportunities to get points than ever before.

Click here to see the latest Grand Prix schedule


Nationals are invitation-only tournaments that determine which players will represent their countries at the World Magic Cup. Qualification for Nationals is based on your Yearly Award Points and the points required vary by country. Find detailed information here.

Pro Tour Invitations

Getting to the Pro Tour is an enormous accomplishment. Click here to read the complete Pro Tour invitation policy.

Players can qualify for the Pro Tour via a two-tier series of events. Players will compete in local-level Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifiers. Winners of these events will move on to Regional Pro Tour Qualifiers, which qualify top players in each event to the next Pro Tour, in addition to being awarded a plane ticket to the big tournament, subject to eligibility.

Click here to see the latest Pro Tour schedule and here to find a Preliminary Pro Tour Qualifier near you.

Planeswalker Points Achievements

Along with earning points at every sanctioned Magic event, you can now unlock achievements along the way. Achievements are badges you can display on your Magic Scorecard and on your Planeswalker Points profile for others to see.

You are a Planeswalker

You can earn achievements for all sorts of things, including recognition for participating in events, playing in a certain number of a specific event type, as a reward for winning events and more!

Your achievements will not show up immediately after you play in an event. They may also not show up immediately even if the event appears in your event history. Achievements are dependent on when the event is reported and when our system processes the results, please allow up to 48 hours for your achievement to appear.

For a full list of achievements that you can earn, click here!

Achievement Management

You can view all of your achievements using the "Achievements" tab. To manage the achievements displayed on your Magic Scorecard, you must be logged into your Planeswalker Points account. Once logged in you are able to drag and drop your achievement badges to your scorecard.

Also on this page you can enter redemption codes which, if valid, will earn you achievements. You can get these codes in a variety of ways such as from playing in events, opening them in booster packs, or online!

Magic Scorecard

Your Magic Scorecard is the easiest way to share your Planeswalker Points and achievements with your friends. The Magic Scorecard allows you to post on your favorite forums or website for others to see how you're doing.

When you share your Magic Scorecard you're giving others a quick and easy way to see how many Planeswalker Points you've earned, how far you've progressed towards achieving your next level, and also to see your latest Planeswalker Points achievements.


Using your History tab you'll be able to see a chronological view of the events you've played in, as well as a quick view that allows you to see the achievements you've earned and when you attain a new level.

In this view you're able to view your entire history of sanctioned play for Magic. From the very first you event you played in using your DCI Number to the events you've played in the most recent weeks. As events are reported to our system they will appear here.

When you are logged into the Planeswalker Points site you're able to easily share these different line items with your friends and followers via Facebook®.


Using the Leaderboards you can see how you rank against the World using a number of different filters based on types of Planeswalker Points as well as geographical filtering.

Profile Tab

The Profile Tab is your default view for the Planeswalker Points interface, it includes your main info as well as your Activity List and it is where you have the capability to manage your achievements.

This tab is visible to the public only if they know your DCI number or if you share the link. The control functionality is only available if you log into your account on the Planeswalker Points website.

Social Media Sharing Features

Want to show your friends your top finish? Or want to share the new achievement you earned? You can easily share these things through Facebook® using the social media buttons embedded on the Planeswalker Points site.

When you're logged into Planeswalker Points, you'll be able to share your events, achievements and levels via Facebook® by clicking their icons on the row of the event. When clicked a Facebook® window will open showing a preview. To add your own comments click the “Like” button. After you have added your comments, click the “Post to Facebook®” button to post your accomplishment!

Event Corrections

If you notice an error in your match history, you may request an event correction. Before requesting an event correction, please review the Match History Appeals Policy, available here. Once you have read this policy, click here to request an event correction.

What if I have more than one DCI Number?

Each event in which you play only adds to your Planeswalker Points, so you want to make sure your points are all being credited to one account. If you think you might have more than one DCI number, log into your account and use the DCI Number Combine form so we can merge all your accrued Planeswalker Points under a single number.

Terms and Conditions

Click here for all the Planeswalker Points terms and conditions.

Signing In to Planeswalker Points

When you sign in to Planeswalker Points your session is active for as long as you keep your web browser open and are using the website. If you close your web browser, sign out, or are idle for 60 minutes, you will be automatically logged out.

When you sign into Planeswalker Points and select the "Remember Me" option, your session will be active for 1 week. While you may sign out and end your session at any time, your session will persist if you close and reopen your browser. If you do not return to Planeswalker Points within a week, you will be automatically logged out.

How do I change / reset my password?

You can change your password by clicking here.

If you are unable to reset your password (possibly because we do not have your e-mail address on file), please contact Game Support for help. Please provide us your name, DCI number, current email address, any previous email addresses we may have on file, your date of birth on file and home address. If the information provided is sufficient and accurate, we'll send a new password to your current email address.

Contact Game Support for Help

Does something in your account appear incorrect? Missing an achievement that you earned? Not seeing an event that you know has been submitted? Game Support is more than happy to help you investigate these issues.

Game Support's hours are 7am to 7pm PT.

Click here to contact Game Support.

Player Nationality

Your nationality country is listed on your profile page after you have signed into the PWP site. Your nationality is used to determine whether you are eligible to participate in and/or receive invitations for the following:

  • Geo-region-based Planeswalker Points invitations to the Magic: The Gathering World Championship.
  • Eligibility to participate in or receive an invitation to a specific country's Nationals Last Chance Qualifier and National tournaments.
  • Eligibility to be a member of a specific country's national team for the World Magic Cup.


How do I change my nationality?

You can request to change your nationality by filing a “Residential Eligibility Appeal” using the Wizards Help System. All requests must be submitted through the Wizards Help System with the “Residential Eligibility Appeal” in the subject line. For more information about nationality, please see the Magic: The Gathering Premier Event Invitation Policy here.