Pro Tour–Geneva Qualifying Season: Top 8 Decklists

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Refine your Sealed Deck and Booster Draft skills to earn a ticket to Geneva, Switzerland, by winning a Pro Tour Qualifier!

This season features Time Spiral Booster Draft. The decks linked here are the Top 8 decks from North American Pro Tour Qualifiers.

You can test each decklist thanks to our Sample Hand Generator. Just click on the card fan in the upper right of each decklist and you can see what your opening hand could be, along with mulligans and the first three cards you'd draw.

Decklists will be updated weekly during the PTQ season. The season runs until December 31. To find a PTQ near you, click here. Pro Tour-Geneva is scheduled for February 9-11, 2007, and the format is Time Spiral Booster Draft.

October 7: Chicago, Illinois: Mike Hron
October 7: Columbus, Ohio: Ervin Tormos
October 7: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Osyp Lebedowicz
October 7: Seattle, Washington: Michael Gurney
October 7: Wichita, Kansas: Mark Hendrickson

October 14: New York, New York: Mark Schmit
October 15: Las Vegas, Nevada: Brian Foster

October 21: Kansas City, Missouri: Nick Novak
October 21: Lubbock, Texas: Steven Bruce
October 21: Portland, Oregon: Noah Sandler
October 21: Standish, Maine: Ryan Spring
October 22: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Michael Patnik

October 29: Orlando, Florida: Ahren Schildt

November 4: Boise, Idaho: Alex Sittner
November 4: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: Shane Houston
November 4: San Francisco, California: Adam Klein

November 11: Denver, Colorado: Steven Jarvis
November 11: Indianapolis, Indiana: Azrael Spear
November 11: San Antonio, Texas: Jeff Zandi
November 11: Seattle, Washington: Ian Kerr
November 12: Tom's River, New Jersey: Paul Cheon

November 18: High Point, North Carolina: Mike Krzywicki
November 18: Montreal, Quebec: Yi Cheng
November 18: Vancouver, British Columbia: Jeff Cunningham

November 25: Detroit, Michigan: Daniel Levi

December 2: Dallas, Texas: Jon Toone
December 2: Los Angeles, California: James Gates

December 8: Denver, Colorado: Nick Buhrer
December 9: Columbus, Ohio: Adam Yurchick
December 9: Houston, Texas: Phu Dao
December 9: New York, New York: John Stern
December 9: Richmond, Virginia: Alex Majlaton
December 9: Edmonton, Alberta: Taylor Putnam

December 16: Detroit, Michigan: Joe Gagliardi
December 16: Roanoke, Virginia: John Moore

December 23: Montreal, Quebec: Guillaume Belanger
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