Dragon Issue #412

By Jeff Morgenroth
The freedom of the open sea has great allure to adventurers of all sorts, from dashing corsairs to murderous pirates. What kind of mariner are you?
By Lori Anderson
Catch a ride on the Falling Star. And, if it suits you, build your own vessel, handpick your crew, and equip your ship with magical and mundane enhancements.
By Jared von Hindman
Here it is: Your chaotic neutral guide to hiring henchmen. I mean, henchfolk. Whatever. The less flammable they are, the better.
By Chad Brown
Nature is a powerful ally, and the Oak Father and the Earthmother of Faerûn are very giving to those who revere them.
By Shelly Mazzanoble
R&D’s “Player-in-Chief” lets loose her inner geek.
By Ed Greenwood
Rhauntagar. Before the world ends, many adventurers will learn to fear this name.
By Rodney Thompson
Visit the secret prison of the sorcerer-king of Balic, but dare not overstay your welcome.
By Keith Baker
They say the Sovereign Swords are the chosen weapons of the Sovereign Host. As living instruments of the gods, they can appear as allies or enemies. But be warned: these divine heroes aren’t entirely what they seem.
By James Maliszewski
Take a trip through past editions of the D&D game, and see how its iconic features have evolved over the decades.
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