Dragon Issue #421

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Editorial: Sharpen Your Pencils
By Steve Winter
Another submissions window approaches! Warm up your pitching arms, you hopeful game writers.
By David Flor and Jared Espley
Mephits are at home in the Elemental Chaos, but they can be found as loyal servants all across the planes of existence.
Lords of Chaos: Cryonax
By Michael E. Shea
Cryonax is an elemental being forged from the coldest formations of raw chaos and the demonic embrace of the Abyss.
Legendary Items of Krynn
By Daniel Helmick
The Heroes of the Lance wielded many legendary weapons during their epic war against the Dragon Highlords.
You Say Dragonborn, I Say Draconian
By Daniel Helmick
Have you ever wanted to play a bozak or kapak draconian? Now you can, with these dragonborn racial variants.
Alternative Multi-classing Rules
By Robert J. Schwalb and Matt Sernett
We offer a flexible, optional approach to character building that doesn’t require feat expenditures to access the powers and features from other classes.
Eye on the Realms: Abyssal Trade Goods
By Ed Greenwood
The phrase “straight from the Abyss” is used by traders all over the Realms to describe rare and exotic goods. A few, however, really to trade directly with the Abyss.
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