Dragon Issue #418

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Let the tarrasque run roughshod over your campaign. Save the town of Hochoch in the Grand Duchy of Geoff. Deck the halls with wondrous tapestries. Build fantastic inns and taverns from scratch. PLUS: The return of the decapus, the magen, the rhagodessa, and the thoul. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 418.

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Editorial: King of the Monsters
By Stan!
This month’s theme — Doom & Gloom — is brought to you by the tarrasque.
History Check: The Tarrasque
By Jeff LaSala
Learn the secrets of this primordial, party-eating monstrosity.
The End Is Nigh!
By Dennis Johnson
Meet the new and improved tarrasque and its twisted cult following.
Ye Olde Creature Catalogue
By Tim Eagon
Behold four monsters plucked from the Palace of the Silver Princess, the halls of Castle Amber, and other classic dungeons.
Backdrop: Hochoch
By Claudio Pozas
The beleaguered town of Hochoch is the last, best hope for the Grand Duchy of Geoff, but it needs a few good adventurers.
Wondrous Weavings: Tapestries of Power
By Jennifer Clarke Wilkes
Deck the halls with the finest magic tapestries money can buy.
Inns in an Instant
By John Hasznosi
Creating an inn or tavern from scratch has never been easier or more fun.
Eye on Eberron: Winter of the World
By Keith Baker
Beware the bogeymen of the Eldeen Reaches.
Eye on Dark Sun: The Widow’s Spirit
By Rodney Thompson
She’ll make you wish you were dead, too.
Eye on the Realms: The Sword of Spells
By Ed Greenwood
Meet the eye tyrants’ number-one fan.
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