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Naga and Oni
Monster Manual Update
Logan Bonner

This article series revisits monsters from the Monster Manual, providing them with additional background and story. In addition, the articles present the monsters in the revised statistics block format that first appeared widely in Monster Manual 3. The monsters have had some minor updates to powers and to some of their statistics, including attack, damage, and defense values. These changes in statistics generally reflect the updates that appear on page 7 in the Dungeon Master’s Guide rules update. This iteration of the article includes Naga and One.


In an enormous abandoned temple that gathers dust within a secluded cave, a giant serpent with a humanoid face curls around an ancient altar, guarding it from trespassers. The creature busies itself with its thoughts, pondering arcane philosophy and recalling magic wielded in ancient battles, but it never moves its slitted eyes from the temple entrance. A naga always keeps safe anything it guards: It has no greater purpose than to protect the secrets of the past.

Naga (295 Kbs PDF)


Oni are monsters in the truest sense of the word—cruel, heartless, irredeemably evil, inhuman. They see all creatures as tools, valuables, or food. They think of themselves as lords, and everyone else as lowly subjects that exist only to fulfill their whims. They aren’t content to rule in name only. They need to conquer the mind and spirit, to torment the peaceful and corrupt the good. Being evil isn’t just an oni’s nature, but also its entertainment.

Oni (222 Kbs PDF)

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