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Sunderheart, the Funeral CityD&D Insider Article
by Matthew Sernett

The Domains of Dread, each surrounded on all sides by a strange and dangerous mist, come in many sizes and varieties. Each is a twisted and corrupt prison for the darklord that rules there. In this article, learn about Harack Unarth, the ancient Bael Turathian city known as Sunderheart in the Shadowfell. Ruled by a twisted tiefling, Sunderheart serves to remind her of the sins of her past life.

THE SHADOWREALM holds more secrets than all other planes combined. Its fabric is mystery. Its nature is to disguise. Hidden in the endless gloom of the plane lurk domains of dread -- dark realms of tragedy and horror that draw victims down in circles of destruction. Few know of these places, for few ever escape. One such is Sunderheart.

Sunderheart is a domain of dread designed for PCs of mid-paragon level. Like other domains of dread, the PCs' primary goal once there is escape, and to do that, they need to learn something of the dark lord of the domain and why it came to be.

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    About the Author

    Matthew Sernett has been a designer of 4th Edition, the editor-in-chief of Dragon Magazine, a pizza cook, an onion packer, and an assembly line worker in a spring factory. In 1999, while working for Men's Health Magazine, he narrowly avoided being a wardrobe tracker in the male fashion industry.

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