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Characters 2: Lords of Waterdeep

Welcome to Waterdeep, the City of Splendors!

In Lords of Waterdeep, you are one of the secret rulers of this great city. Through your agents, you recruit adventurers to complete quests and advance your agendas. The Lords all have the safety of their city at heart, but each one is also laying his or her own plans!

Available now on iOS, players can enjoy their Lords of Waterdeep game sessions against the computer, friends or the online community through Playdek's real-time and asynchronous game servers. Through backdoor dealings, mercenaries, and plain old bribery, can you guide the city to become the greatest Lord of Waterdeep?

How to Play

We’ve provided the full downloadable rulebook, in order for you to get a sense of how this game plays out.

Of special concern are the Lord cards. The city of Waterdeep is secretly administered by powerful individuals known as the Lords of Waterdeep. Eleven Lord of Waterdeep cards represent these hidden personalities. Each Lord card grants bonus VP for meeting certain conditions, as described in its rules text.

But who are these Lords? In today’s article, we examine two of these central figures—especially famous for their careers in the Undermountain.

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Lords of Waterdeep

The Lords of Waterdeep form a secret council that has ruled the city of Waterdeep for centuries. In public, they are always masked and cloaked to disguise any details that could identify them. They are drawn from all elements of society: merchants, nobles, wizards, and common laborers.

In the Lords of Waterdeep game, these secret masters are represented by cards. The Lords’ identities are kept hidden until the end of the game, when final scoring occurs. Each Lord of Waterdeep has a personal agenda, represented by bonus VP awarded for completing specific objectives.

Last time, we introduced you to two of these Lords: Mirt the Moneylender and Durnan the Wanderer. This time, we introduce three more Lords with connections to Mirt and Durnan.

Nymara “Kitten” Scheiron

“Kitten” (human rogue) is an intensely secretive person whose full name is known to few. This tousle-haired, fierce woman has a savage temper and a strong figure that belies her years. Although she can appear as a stunning, beautiful lady of high station, she is more often found heavily perfumed and made-up, posing as a Dock Ward tavern dancer. In less distinctive garb, she is an expert at following people, often taking to the sewers or rooftops when speed is of the essence.

Mirt and Durnan recruited this sometime thief more than twenty-five years ago for her understanding of the common folk, and her practicality influences the details of many actions planned by the Lords. Among her fellow Lords, “Kitten” is closest with Mirt, Durnan, Larissa, and Khelben. She keeps several residences scattered about the city, never staying in any one of them for any length of time.

At the end of the game, you score (4) for each Commerce Quest and each Skullduggery Quest you completed.

Sammereza “Sammer” Sulphontis

Sammereza (human) is a slightly slimmer, slightly younger, and far more polished version of Mirt. He keeps his brown skin and hair meticulously groomed, and his purples eyes are quite hypnotic. Sammereza is a sly, witty, iron-nerved wheeler-dealer with sharp eyes that miss nothing. Sammereza hails from Calimshan but has made his home in the City of Splendors for over thirty-five years. He still favors many layers of silk and extravagant robes, keeping comfortable in northern climes with his ring of warmth, perhaps because he spends so much time traveling. Sammereza will sell anything to anyone, buy almost anything from anyone, and trade most things with most people.

In recent years, Sammereza has become increasingly tangled in the affairs of his homeland. The recent death of Sammereza’s elder brother and the subsequent strife among Sammereza’s four nephews and sister-in-law have nearly bankrupted the family fortunes. Moreover, Sammereza’s simmering war with the el Synabbat family, whose machinations in Skullport have suffered greatly due to Sammereza’s interference, is threatening to erupt anew. What began as Sammereza acting on behalf of the Lords in Skullport might soon metastasize into a plague of Calishite assassins pursing a blood vendetta against Sammereza and anyone he associates with in the shadows of Waterdeep.

At the end of the game, you score (4) for each Arcana Quest and each Commerce Quest you completed.

Larissa Neathal

Larissa is a human chameleon, capable with cosmetics and minor magics of changing her hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and dress in the wink of an eye. Her only constants are her distinctive necklace, a gold filigree phoenix rising from a cluster of inset rubies (periapt of proof against poison), and her taste for extravagant, provocative clothes.

Larissa plays the role of courtesan, giggling and empty-headed, with all the visiting envoys and diplomats she has time for, and gathering all the information for the Lords that she can that way. When weary or upset, she leans on the shoulder of her closest friend and confidante, Durnan the Wanderer. Her capacity for court parties is legendary, and she can dance all day and all night if necessary, without ill effects.

At the end of the game, you score (6) for each Building you control.

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It seems like not all the lords are in the ios app.
Posted By: ZaranBlack (11/27/2013 10:26:20 AM)



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