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Sequel to the D&D Livestream Event
Extra Life

Every adventuring party needs a quest, and our quest is to help kids.

Tune in to the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitch TV channel this Saturday, December 7 (10 AM – 6 PM) for a live D&D game—a follow-up to this year’s 25-hour Extra Life charity event.

Together with more than 500 donors, the D&D team raised over $21,000 for Children’s Miracle Network hospitals through the Extra Life event. Thousands of children are treated each year in CMN hospitals, regardless of their families' abilities to pay. These kids face much scarier threats than dragons and beholders.

During the livestream, a rotating group of participants played through three adventures featured as part of the Sundering-themed Ghosts of Dragonspear Castle (which is available on dndclassics.com starting today). This Saturday, a selection of the group’s top fundraisers will be participating in the final part of the four-adventure campaign. Please join us and donate to help the kids.

Thank you!

The Team

Greg Bilsland (the Dungeon Master) is a producer for Dungeons & Dragons by day and a graduate student by night. He runs two semi-monthly D&D games set in the Dragonlance setting, contents of which can be followed on Twitter. He's pretty sure this 25-hours of DMing is the most awesome or most stupid thing he's ever done.

Chris Dupuis is a designer whose credits include Heroscape, Risk Legacy, & multiple D&D/Kaijudo products for Wizards. Follow him on Twitter

Erin M. Evans is the author of The God Catcher, Brimstone Angels, and Brimstone Angels: Lesser Evils, and the highly anticipated third book in the Sundering series, The Adversary. She lives in Seattle with her husband and son. Find her on Facebook, Twitter, and at slushlush.com.

Joe Louie is a lifelong gamer, and spends his days fighting for the users. He's enjoyed a life of serendipity through the love and support of friends and family. He's also on Twitter.

Mike Selinker is the president of Lone Shark Games. He was a creative director on D&D 3rd Edition, and designed and/or developed Axis & Allies Revised, Risk Godstorm, and Betrayal at House on the Hill, among many other games. He's also on Twitter.

Rodney Thompson is the co-designer of the Lords of Waterdeep board game, and designer for D&D Next. Originally from Chattanooga, TN, Rodney has been designing games since 2001. He can be found on Twitter.

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Here's a link to the replay for those who missed it http://www.twitch.tv/wotc_dnd/b/485687784
Posted By: Plaguescarred (12/8/2013 7:49:33 AM)


Anyone has link to the replay?
Posted By: Plaguescarred (12/8/2013 7:46:27 AM)


Great event, it's going to be lots of fun and for a good cause. If you missed the first one, be sure to check this out. Thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.
Posted By: Style75 (12/7/2013 5:19:40 AM)


Are the times Eastern Standard or pacific?
Posted By: thefdh (12/6/2013 10:27:30 PM)


Pacific Standard (PST)
Posted By: WotC_GregB (12/7/2013 1:16:13 AM)


AAAAAAAAW YISSSSSS! He promised a sequal. Now he delievers it! Yeeeees!
Posted By: IPacfist (12/3/2013 8:01:12 AM)


Yipee! So much happened the first time ("Dan" Class anyone?) I can't wait to see what happens next...
Posted By: E-Tallitnics (12/3/2013 2:19:19 AM)



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