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2001 Grand Prix Vienna

Player Pictures

[view]Cant take this away from us
[view]The top two
[view]Big smile from someone whos been hiding underneath a hat the whole day
[view]Meyer also won the Amateur first prize
[view]And here is the winner of Grand Prix Vienna, Stephan Meyer
[view]Sigurd Eskeland Get on with it, gotta take the baby home
[view]Nitter is still somewhere out there
[view]Nicolai Herzog came third, happy happy
[view]Cat in the hat, Stephan Meyer from Germany
[view]Mmmm, does not look good
[view]Nitter looks tired, it is around midnight
[view]Norwegian threesome, judge Rune Horvik, Nicolai Herzog and Eivind Nitter at the start of the final match
[view]Gabor Papp versus Stephan Meyer in the semi-finals
[view]Nicolai Herzog versus Eivind Nitter in the semi-finals
[view]Stephan Meyer does not come from under that hat
[view]Konrad Zawadski
[view]Ladislav Zupancic
[view]Nicolai Herzog sucks his thumb
[view]Eivind Nitter
[view]Holger Meinecke
[view]Matthias Knzler
[view]Gabor Papp
[view]Quarterfinals, the other part of it
[view]Quarterfinals, only the die-hards remain
[view]An attentive crowd
[view]Hemmed in by the audience - hardly any space to breathe
[view]The top 8 at the draft
[view]Jakub Slemr in a casting for Bilitis
[view]Jakub Slemr versus Holger Meinecke in round fourteen
[view]The Italian Maurizio Vergendo in the last round before the quarterfinals
[view]Maurizio Vergendo and Bram Snepvangers agreed not to play a third game, which meant neither player could make the top eight
[view]Jelger Wiegersma and Alexander Witt caught with their Gameboy. Boys...
[view]Local girls
[view]Kids left with a difficult choice
[view]Bhse onkelz, dont know what it stand for but it sure looks mean
[view]Nicola Herzog NO, first seed
[view]Konrad Zawadzki PL, seventh seed
[view]Stephan Meyer DE, second seed
[view]Matthias Knzler CH, third seed
[view]Top 8, happy to take a break
[view]The top 8
[view]These eight players will not forget the Hofburg in Vienna
[view]Holger Meinecke DE, fourth seed
[view]Ladislav Zupancic HR, eight seed
[view]Gabor Papp HU, sixth seed
[view]Eivind Nitter NO, fifth seed
[view]Chewing gum does weird things to your face, Martin Grimm
[view]Jakub Slemr waiting for Martin Grimm to start playing
[view]Nicola Herzog from Norway and the Swedish Sideboard reporter Viet Van in round twelve
[view]Ladislav Zupancic is one of the eleven Croatian players at this event
[view]Believe me, somewhere behind German Meister Daniel Zink is the first draft table
[view]Benedikt Klauser came late for the first draft this morning and decided not to play anymore. So this second draft took place without him
[view]Christoph Lippert hopes to topdeck something incredible
[view]Bram is a really nice guy but I hate having to type Snepvangers all the time, says Sideboard reporter Ben Ronaldson
[view]Oliver Braun seems afraid of Herzogs magic
[view]Nicola Herzog and Oliver Braun get ready to play round eleven
[view]Lots of hair hiding Jakub Slemr
[view]Martin and some very colourful lunch boxes
[view]Kathi and Franzi
[view]Kids in side events
[view]Bram Snepvangers and a fan
[view]Wow, Jakub
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko versus Jens Thorn in a round ten feature match
[view]Jens Thorn from Sweden
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko from Ukraine
[view]Nicola Herzog won the round nine match with his rather defensive deck
[view]The feature matches moved place today
[view]Drafting at side events
[view]A creatureless Gabor Papp
[view]The first round of the day
[view]A decisive move from Bram Snepvangers
[view]Federico Dato has to think twice
[view]At eight a clock in the morning, that many people to watch the first Odyssey drafts
[view]Pod three is being covered by Ben Ronaldson
[view]Nicola Herzog and Gabor Papp at the first draft table
[view]The first table in the draft
[view]An inquisitive Helmut Summersberger
[view]Eivind Nitter is still chatting with his neighbor, Trey Van Cleave
[view]Never a quiet moment with Trey Van Cleave
[view]Federico Dato in the last round of the day
[view]Boeken vs Meinecke, closely followed by Anja Baresic from Croatia
[view]Noah Boeken, some amazingly broken cards do not make for an amazingly broken deck
[view]A spooked look from Holger Meinecke
[view]Klauser versus Wiegersma in round seven
[view]Jelger Wiegersma supports his fellow country man in far away South Africa
[view]Benedikt Klauser is Austrias National Champion
[view]Ben taps Tom and wins the match
[view]Libor Marek faced Jakub Slemr in round six
[view]Jakub Slemr thinks something fishy is going on on the other side of the table
[view]Judge Pawel Bednarz and Mark Wraith closely following the round six Dato - Gromko feature match
[view]Gromko Radoslaw just gave away a game he could not lose after Dato committed virtual suicide
[view]A relieved Federico Dato
[view]Cheering fellow players
[view]Something tells me these players joined in with an Odyssey Pre-release
[view]Magic is a matter of style
[view]Kid picking cards
[view]Gabor Papp faces Eivind Nitter in round five
[view]Christoph Lippert giving Tomcani the eye
[view]Slovak Jan Tomcani reached sixth place at the last World Championships
[view]Not just any table, the first player on the right is Austrian Helmut Summersberger
[view]If this T-shirt is right, then Bram is in for a hard round
[view]The former European Champion Noah Boeken faces the new champion in round four
[view]The current European Champion Eivind Nitter, a red furry animal and an apple
[view]The first round Sigurd Eskeland gets to play
[view]Franck Canu Got you
[view]More Sideboard essentials
[view]Grand Prix Vienna boasts at least as many player nationalities as flags outside the Hofburg
[view]Literally hanging around
[view]Hi mum, Im 3-0 so far
[view]Colorful Italian Magic players, just a couple out of the fifty present at Grand Prix Vienna
[view]Things to do in between rounds: sleep, discuss strategy and play again
[view]Sideboard essentials
[view]Side events
[view]Red carpets seem to inspire harem behaviour
[view]Trey Van Cleave confidently plays white-green
[view]Czech players getting a tan
[view]Checking a friends deck
[view]Nicola Herzog and Bram Snepvangers made up their own feature match
[view]He picked them himself
[view]Waiting to start playing in fine company
[view]The crowd outside this early promises a huge player turnout
[view]Pretty boy does not play Magic but hangs out in the lobby anyway. Hi.
[view]A sunny welcome to Magic players, the first familiar faces

Site Pictures

[view]Quick front yard picture: the Art History Museum and the Natural History Museum
[view]This picture will soon appear on the screen above the judges station
[view]Letting the sunshine in during the first round of the day
[view]Any place will do
[view]And this is just one of the halls there are three more
[view]The Hofburg shines in expectation of a weekend of Magic
[view]Patience is a virtue
[view]The statue in the back in Graben looks a lot like Krakilin
[view]This hall was a couple of shillings too expensive and one floor higher than the current event site
[view]This one fits in the collection Flowers at Grand Prix events
[view]Stairways to heaven
[view]The National Library is right next door, Im a fan
[view]Take a look at the sky, baby
[view]Three hundred eleven thousand twelve and seventy billion books, minimum
[view]The judges think the amount of Magic rules is getting out of hand
[view]The Viennese coffee houses, a place to feel good
[view]Tricky, a church or a cafe
[view]Grand Prix Vienna takes place at the Hofburg in Vienna. Say no more
[view]Not pigeonholes
[view]What used to be the royal apartments. Anybody still looking for a place to sleep
[view]Petit point or Austrian handicraft
[view]Its a beautiful day, our front garden for the weekend

Staff Pictures

[view]Sideboard staff in utter concentration. From left to right, Nele, Viet, Ben, Roger and Craig Mark was wandering off with his clone most likely
[view]Sideboard communication
[view]One can never have enough clothes pegs
[view]Denise Biffar, photographer, is writing a love letter
[view]Looks like someone is hiding
[view]What is this
[view]Mark Wraith is so amazing we cloned him
[view]The catering staff takes a liking to Magic
[view]Head Judge Justus Rnnau
[view]A very relaxed scorekeeper calling the draft
[view]Bernd Keller: Youre not going to put anything funny on that website, are you
[view]Bernd Keller from Amigo found Gnther Reczinek and Iris Brandstetter, Austrian support for the Sideboard
[view]Ilja Rotelli, Organized Play Manager for Italy
[view]The catering staff, Hofburg style
[view]Philip Schulz giving quite an explanation to his fellow judges
[view]Hi to Jill from Arnie
[view]Arnie Swekel has come all the way from Detroit to Vienna to sign cards for his fans

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