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2001 United States National Championship

Player Pictures

[view]JSS Champion Ben Ashkar
[view]Why are they in the elevator
[view]The champs
[view]Garfield congratulates National Team alternate David Bachmann
[view]Finalist Brian Hegstad
[view]Third place Eugene Harvey
[view]Third place handshake
[view]Bachmann composed
[view]eek Bachmann has a bad moment
[view]Harvey assesses the board
[view]Spotter Scott Larabee checks out some of Trevors cards
[view]The champ, runner up and third place winner, Blackwell, Hegstad and Harvey
[view]The power handshake
[view]Blackwell looks over the board
[view]Bad times for Brian
[view]Blackwell sends Blastoderm into the Red Zone
[view]Champion Blackwell
[view]Finalist Hegstad
[view]Look out ladies, here comes Brian Hegstad
[view]Pretty honest for a guy in an ABU shirt
[view]Blackwell looks like hes up to something
[view]Behind the scenes, cameras and all
[view]A watchful crowd
[view]Blackwell wanted to see if he could become the third player with both a Pro Tour victory and a national championship
[view]Trevor Blackwell likes to see if he can balance his cards on their ends
[view]Brian Hegstad gives his opponent the Stare
[view]It was a long match, a long and tiring match
[view]Eugene Harvey says Do you want any of this You do not want any of this
[view]After many years of practice, Chris Benafel has perfected the art of card throwing
[view]Harvey vs. Hegstad
[view]Another handshake, this time for Jensen and Blackwell
[view]Blackwell on screen and stage
[view]A little bit of dialogue
[view]Trevor Blackwell is smarter than he looks
[view]Jensen on the stage
[view]William Jensen shuffles up
[view]The final handshake
[view]Team Eggheads Alex Borteh
[view]Borteh vs. Blackwell
[view]Bridge Wildfire and David Bachmann
[view]No one ever accused Trevor Blackwell of NOT having a winning smile
[view]Baby Huey Jensen
[view]Bachmann vs. Harvey
[view]Hegstad looks over a complicated staff
[view]Casey McCarrel
[view]Over McCarrels shoulder
[view]Raah Chris Benafel attacks
[view]Top 8: Chris Benafel
[view]Top 8: David Bachmann
[view]Top 8: Casey McCarrel
[view]Top 8: Alex Borteh
[view]Top 8: William Jensen
[view]Top 8: Trevor Blackwell
[view]The Top 8
[view]Top 8: Eugene Harvey
[view]The Top 8: another shot
[view]Top 8: Brian Hegstad
[view]ABU x 2
[view]Hegstad is mobbed after making Top 8
[view]Brian Hegstad is a little frustrated
[view]The very happy Hegstad
[view]Hegstad vs. Leiher
[view]Peter Leiher in round 12
[view]Zila takes the match
[view]Jason Zila
[view]It takes all of Adrians concentration to draw enough land. He is playing 18
[view]Sullivan versus Super Z
[view]Mike The Potato Turian
[view]Bachmann cuts after some Rebel searching
[view]Red vs. White, Bachmann vs. Turian
[view]Blackwell consults with judge Christian Sieber
[view]Jason Zila puts his Thunderscape Battlemage in the Red Zone
[view]Member of the 2000 National team, Frank Hernandez
[view]A Yavimaya Barbarian meets a fiery end
[view]Brian Hegstad played u-w very well
[view]Jamie Parke tries to slow the beats
[view]Yavimaya Barbarian has been an MVP all day long
[view]Casey McCarrel and co.
[view]Zvi picking a Fact or Fiction
[view]New Yorkers at it again: Mowshowitz and Pustilnik
[view]Sol Malka, all happy
[view]Mikey P enters the Red Zone
[view]An uncharacteristically grumpy Pete Leiher, grim
[view]Southern mages: Leiher and Malka
[view]David Bachmann
[view]Teammates Chris Benafel and Brian Hegstad play
[view]Yeah. A smug Benafel
[view]Casey McCarrel leading the way
[view]Getting a good spot to watch Feature Matches is tough
[view]Birds eye view of Sullivan and Leiher
[view]The toughest competition around: JSS parents tournament
[view]Yes, well, then theres this guy
[view]PTQs are packed upstairs
[view]A large crowd gathers around the Feature Match area
[view]Gunslinging against former JSS winners
[view]Blackwell up a game on Bachmann
[view]Playing one of the coolest decks in the tournament, David Bachmann is near the top of the standings
[view]Trevor Blackwell picks up his land to tap it
[view]Dave Price blows
[view]Dougherty takes his Plague Spitter into the Red Zone
[view]Jensen keeps his head together
[view]Rob eyes his Scuta while Rubin stretches
[view]Jensen vs. Price
[view]McCarrel cuts Turians deck after a Rebel search
[view]Casey McCarrel, not pleased with his hand
[view]Trevor Blackwell and his amazing invisible cards
[view]Sullivan vs. Humphreys
[view]A cold Dan Clegg passes the turn
[view]Mike Turian rolls his eyes at the board
[view]Creech sends over Fat Moti
[view]Price vs. Blackwell
[view]Price and his Saproling Burst. Many people liken Fires to Sligh, and so are not surprised that the King of Beatdown is running it
[view]Lawrence Creech reads Mana Maze, while Prodigal Sorcerer gets ready to wreak some havoc
[view]Dave Humphreys moves blockers into the Red Zone
[view]Adrian Sullivan takes a better look
[view]Jon Finkel
[view]Boston vs. New York - Grudge Match
[view]The leaders after round 7: Mike Turian and Sol Malka
[view]A thinking man: Sol Malka
[view]Mikey P peels
[view]The Darwin Kastle
[view]Lucas Hager scrambles to register his deck in time for the tournament
[view]Ben Rubin finally made a Sideboard cover
[view]Kastle and Humpherys check out Sideboard
[view]Listen up yall its a sabotage
[view]A surly and violent Sullivan backhands dazed Sideboard reporter Toby Wachter
[view]Adrian Sullivan is, uh, driving a car. Thats the ticket.
[view]Brad Swan reads about his Top 8 in Barcelona
[view]Pustilnik vs. Price, reported by Aaron Forsythe
[view]Dougherty looks at the cluttered Red Zone
[view]Williams alight with girlish glee
[view]Williams is down, Dougherty is thinking
[view]Creech vs. Finkel
[view]Doctor Mikey P
[view]Good golly Lawrence Creech
[view]Finkel plays a Gaeas Might
[view]Grampa Price out to steal some thunder
[view]OMS sends to the Red Zone
[view]Brian Davis, reigning Rookie of the Year
[view]Sullivan vs. McCarrel
[view]OMS on the case
[view]Adrian Sullivan removes a Shackles
[view]Casey McCarrel
[view]Youngsters looking for pairings
[view]Baby Huey Jensen shows off his deck list to Sideboard reporter Gary Wise
[view]Chucklebuggy Chris Benafel
[view]Adrian Sullivan picks
[view]Drafting was intense
[view]Shivan Emissary or no
[view]Darwin Kastle ponders his Rochester pick
[view]Mike Turian snags a Dream Thrush
[view]McCarrel picks his card in the second draft
[view]A small smile, a game won
[view]Humpherys moves his blockers into the Red Zone
[view]New Yorks Alex Shvartsman watches Dave Humpherys calculate his win
[view]Frowning Frank Hernandez
[view]Last years National Team member, Frank Hernandez, in a match with David Bachmann
[view]Benafel vs. McCarrel
[view]Chris Benafel leers
[view]The happy, well-tanned Casey McCarrel
[view]What are you going to do says Scott Johns
[view]Indescribably David Williams
[view]Johns frets while Williams mises
[view]Geddes Cooper, one of many spectators
[view]Mike Flores being, well, Mike Flores
[view]Becky Hiebert leads her team to victory
[view]Over at the JSS, youngsters prep their decks
[view]Henry Stern and Gary Wise watch Finkel vs. Turian
[view]Trevor Blackwell
[view]Two Pro Tour-Los Angeles champions play
[view]The Hammer, Shawn Reigner
[view]Leiher vs. Creech in a tough Virginia vs. Virginia match
[view]Virginias Pete Leiher
[view]The Creecher
[view]Johns vs. Clegg, round 2
[view]A thinking Scott Johns
[view]Rolled Up Ace Dan Clegg
[view]Jon Finkel going for the evil genius look
[view]CMUs Mike Turian
[view]Benafel and Comer shake
[view]Humphreys attacks Mahers mana base
[view]Can you race this
[view]The Great One, Bob Maher, Jr.
[view]Ben Rubin leans over to look at his opponents cards
[view]Rubin vs. Dougherty
[view]Rob Dougherty
[view]A cautious Alan Comer
[view]Benafel Zaps an Quirion Elf
[view]Your Move Games amazing David Humpherys
[view]Michelle moves it into the Red Zone
[view]The perennial Steven OMahoney Schwartz
[view]Michelle Bush won her Regionals to qualify
[view]Becky Hiebert is down
[view]Kibler and Comer shake
[view]Texan Dave Williams peels a shiny card
[view]Williams says Youre going down
[view]Sideboards own Alex Shvartsman
[view]A happy Jeff Donais and a happy Aaron Forsythe
[view]Position fading, Kibler would soon fall to Dromar
[view]Kibler singles out Comers Kavu Climber
[view]Forsythe vs. Sullivan
[view]Adrian Sullivan, conducting his orchestra
[view]Questing Phelddagrif artist, Matt Cavotta
[view]Ron Spears signs cards for his fans
[view]Evil Jon Finkel
[view]The Potato Mike Turian
[view]A spike-lipped David Williams gives a glance
[view]Adrian Sullivans shirt makes promises he wont keep
[view]Shvartsman builds his deck
[view]Benafel mugs for the camera while Michelle Bush laughs him off
[view]This table qualifies as tight
[view]The spectators view of the action
[view]Shvartsman takes a middle pick. Dave Williams was his first opponent
[view]One of many strong draft tables
[view]Mike Turian goes for Soul Burn, with Darth Finkel observing
[view]Aaron Forsythe takes an early pick while Adrian Sullivan watches the signals
[view]Admitting defeat, the final handshake
[view]Currence, calm in the pressure
[view]Derek Lazarski breaks Currences 18-game Meatgrinder winning streak
[view]Bryce Currence vs. Derek Lazarski. The winner advances
[view]Magic players are a happy, go-lucky breed
[view]Everyone loves hot dogs
[view]Time to adjust the fading counters
[view]Looks like good times for Becky
[view]Dan Bock, rampant trader
[view]Juniors vs. Seniors
[view]Lots of young players gear up for the JSS
[view]Tables were so crowded that many players took to the floor
[view]Mike Bregoli and Dave Price test on the floor
[view]David Williams plays against Chris Benafel
[view]Its a Prophetic Bolt. Yep.
[view]Players making adequate use of floor space
[view]Everyones grinding, even Pikachu
[view]Laurie Dunning grinds
[view]The first U.S. Open had players building Invasion Limited decks
[view]The Infinitely Tight Miser Mike Flores
[view]The Meatgrinders took their toll on more than one player

Site Pictures

[view]Nationals from the rafters
[view]The demo area
[view]Spectators learned how to play MLB Showdown in their spare time
[view]The happy world of Disney
[view]The venue, under construction

Staff Pictures

[view]A film crew records footage
[view]Gary Wise brutally restrains Josh Bennett, who believes he saw William Shatner
[view]Super guy Jerry Rubin and Dee Larabee
[view]Jeff Donais showing his true colors. Others were quick to call him a turncoat.
[view]The scorekeeping station, manned by Scott Larabee, master scorekeeper
[view]Toby Wachter is SO fired
[view]Reporter Aaron Forsythe is asleep at the wheel
[view]Lan D. Ho is clearly the most surly Sideboard reporter. Trevor Blackwell agrees
[view]Renee Roub in concert, tonight only
[view]Reid Schmadeka punishes an unruly JSS crowd by singing an extra-long version of Inna Gadda Da Vida
[view]Artists are cool
[view]Artist Daren Bader signs some cards
[view]Jeff Donais and Mark Rosewater look over some stats
[view]JSS Head Judge James Lee
[view]Head Judge Collin Jackson
[view]Super-Englishman Warren Marsh hopped the pond to gunsling
[view]The one, the only Richard Garfield
[view]Judge Suzy Life lays down the law
[view]A consulting staff
[view]Head Judge Collin Jackson, looking like a notorious leader
[view]Judges prepping for the tournament
[view]The judges gather around Head Judge Collin Jackson in an religious-looking tableau
[view]Sideboard reporter Toby Wachter
[view]Pro Tour Player Coordinator Andy Heckt gets very busy the morning of the tournament
[view]Diligent judges perform a deck check
[view]Randy Buehler
[view]Randy Buehler
[view]Idiot Sideboard Reporters

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