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Photo Coverage of Super Series Championship 2000

Player Pictures

[view]Champion Sean Tracy with the big check and trophy
[view]Finalist Jonathan Cassidy receives his trophy and shakes hands with Richard Garfield
[view]Semifinalist Justin Bryant receives his plaque
[view]Sean Tracy stands after defeateding Jonathan Cassidy in the Finals
[view]Sean Tracy in the Finals
[view]Sean Tracy in the Finals
[view]Jonathan Cassidy in the Finals
[view]Jonathan Cassidy in the Finals
[view]Sean Tracy vs. Jonathan Cassidy in the Finals
[view]Jonathan Cassidy in the Semifinals
[view]Justin Bryant vs. Sean Tracy in the Semifinals
[view]Joshua Wagener in the Semifinals
[view]Justin Bryant in the Quarterfinals
[view]Eric Chapman in the Quarterfinals
[view]Jonathan Cassidy in the Quarterfinals
[view]Mason Phelps in the Quarterfinals
[view]Spencer Russo in the Quarterfinals
[view]Sean Tracy in the Quarterfinals
[view]Jeff Schalk in the Quarterfinals
[view]Joshua Wagener in the Quarterfinals
[view]Feature Match Table
[view]Super Series Top 25

Site Pictures

[view]Super Series Stage

Staff Pictures

[view]Geddes Cooper

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]Super Series Trophies
[view]Feature Match Sign

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