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Photo Coverage of 2000-2001 Pro Tour New York

Player Pictures

[view]The triumphant Potato Nation
[view]Potato Nation wins PT-NY
[view]Runner up, Car Acrobatic Team
[view]Scott Johns and Mike Turian
[view]Gary Wise revives a panicked Scott Johns
[view]Johns shakes hands with Johnson
[view]Mike Turian vs. Andrew Cuneo
[view]The finals from another perspective
[view]Wise and Forsythe shake after their match
[view]Gary Wise, sans nail polish
[view]Aaron Forsythe
[view]Andrew Cuneo
[view]Andrew Johnson
[view]Mike Turian
[view]Scott Johns
[view]Car Acrobatic Team drafts in the Top 4
[view]Go Speed Racer C.A.T. strikes again
[view]The Potato Nation
[view]Things wrap up in the semifinals
[view]Turian vs. Valkyser
[view]Finalist, Gary Wise
[view]Scott Johns comes across the table against Patrick Mello
[view]Wise vs. Luhrs
[view]Christian Luhrs
[view]A last laugh
[view]Mike Turian is in your face
[view]Potato Nation is surly
[view]Car Acrobatic Team
[view]Rolled-Up Aces
[view]Draften und Spielen
[view]Team Outland
[view]Team B.I.G. in deciding Round 11
[view]Scott Johns moves to take a card
[view]B.I.G. sorts through their early picks
[view]Your Move Games discusses options
[view]Car Acrobatic Team looking serious
[view]A little miser teaches Research and Development member Worth Wollpert a thing or two
[view]The little miser gets some love... up high
[view]Igor Frayman
[view]B.I.G. vs. Potato Nation
[view]Igor Frayman vs. Mike Turian
[view]Hacker vs. Johns. Observing, Randy Buehler
[view]Your Move Games
[view]Car Acrobatic came out of nowhere to make top 4
[view]Rob Dougherty vs. Aaron Forsythe
[view]Andrew Johnson vs. Darwin Kastle
[view]Gab Tsang of Team B.I.G., signals to his teammates
[view]Team Outland
[view]Team HCP
[view]Darwin Kastle gives his team a thumbs up
[view]Dave Humphreys of YMG
[view]Marsh and Kastle enjoy a light-hearted moment
[view]Team Outland
[view]Outland vs. B.I.G.
[view]Herzog vs. Tsang
[view]Hacker vs. Jocumsen
[view]Car Acrobatic Team
[view]Draften und Spielen
[view]There was tons of trading going on Saturday
[view]A little miser and her blue sleeves
[view]Chris Pikula talks to Mark Rosewater and Brian Hacker
[view]Ryan Fuller, embroiled in controversy
[view]The Fix drafts again
[view]Team Alphabetaunlimited.com
[view]A Feature Match in round nine
[view]A frustrated Team Antarctica
[view]Team Juggernaut
[view]Black Ops
[view]HCP is clicking today
[view]Olivier Ruel vs. Ben Ronaldson
[view]Florent Jeudon vs. Warren Marsh
[view]Olivier Ruel vs. Ben Ronaldson
[view]Saturday, players competed in PT-LA QT
[view]Players compete in the Junior Super Series
[view]Potato Nation is on their feet vs. The Fix
[view]The Fix at the Feature Match table
[view]Warren Marsh is signaling
[view]Car Acrobatic Team
[view]Warren Marsh fans out his cards
[view]Ben Ronaldson vs. Andrew Cuneo
[view]David Williams
[view]Potato Nation
[view]David Williams and Bob Maher, Jr.
[view]Jon Omerond vs. Aaron Forsythe
[view]Warren Marsh vs. Andrew Johnson
[view]Feature Match Area, round 7
[view]QT players register their decks
[view]Lots of players turned out for the first QT using Invasion
[view]Team B.I.G.
[view]Team Dark Side of the Moon
[view]Car Acrobatic Team, playing in round 7
[view]The Fix builds their third deck
[view]Gary Wise is taking a proactive stance on a card
[view]Gary Wise is raving
[view]Draften und Spielen
[view]Lauren Passmore, playing in a side event
[view]Scott Johns vs. Kai Budde
[view]Ben Rubin prepares for an attack
[view]William Baby Huey Jensen stares his opponent down
[view]Raphael Levy
[view]Ben Rubin closely examines his cards
[view]A crowded tournament floor at Madison Square Garden
[view]Matt Linde vs. Sigurd Eskeland
[view]Stephen Valkyser vs. Gary Wise
[view]Casey McCarrel
[view]Potato Nation
[view]Eric Philips
[view]Darwin Kastle ponders
[view]Your Move Games, late on Day 1
[view]Huey, Ben and Casey
[view]Ed Fear spreads his cards
[view]The Brothers Parker build their decks
[view]Teams often lay out their decks by color, dividing up the responsibilities
[view]Black Ops builds
[view]Team Corporate Elbow - Mike Long, Bruce Cowley and Peter Leiher
[view]Team Game Empire vs. Team Alphabetaunlimited.com
[view]Matt Linde contemplates
[view]Fuller vs. Comer
[view]Team Your Move Games
[view]Black Ops
[view]Team Yalta
[view]Team Game Empire
[view]Team Alphabetaunlimited.com plays Team Parker Brothers
[view]Team Occult System plays Team Latin Lovers
[view]Potato Nation
[view]Donnie Gallitz gets some clarifications
[view]Zach, Ben and Alex Parker
[view]Gary Wise is biting his nails
[view]Team Ayumi Gumi plays Team Latin Lovers in a round 4 Feature Match
[view]Higashino Masayuki vs. Kenichi Fujita
[view]Carlos Barrado vs. Koichiro Maki
[view]B. Parker vs. Fuller
[view]A. Parker vs. Benafel
[view]Round 4 Feature Match, top view
[view]Team B.I.G.
[view]Round 4 Feature Matches
[view]Roc Herms Pont prepares to draw
[view]Hector Fuentes is agape
[view]Carlos Barrado
[view]Tsuyoshi Ikeda casts a mad Cateran Slaver
[view]Kenichi Fujita is playing the B seat for Team Occult System
[view]Koichiro Maki waits for his opponent to finish his turn
[view]Brian Hacker is playing at one of the top tables
[view]Canadas Gab Tsang
[view]Team B.I.G.s Igor Frayman
[view]Potato Nations Scott Johns faces Brian Hacker
[view]Sideboard writer Gary Wise
[view]Mike Turian
[view]Gary Krakower checks up on his teammates
[view]The quintessential Matt Vienneau
[view]Dave Price
[view]Team Paradox vs. Team Baku
[view]Round 2 Feature Matches
[view]Alex Parker, age 17, is a member of Parker Brothers
[view]Micha Schulte-Middelich
[view]Ben Parker, 15, is running in the B seat. Parker Brothers are up, 2-0
[view]Zach Parker, 12, is the youngest player in the tournament
[view]Patrick Minton is the C seat for Bavarian Nabobs
[view]Jens Peterson and his team were defeated by the Parker Brothers in round 2
[view]Ed Fear taps out to cast a spell
[view]Jamie Parke shuffles up for his next game
[view]Dave Bachmann is a blast from the past
[view]Nate Clarke picks a spell to cast
[view]Mark Le Pine waits for his opponents next move
[view]Donnie Gallitz checks on Kyle Roses board situation
[view]Teammates Kyle Rose and Bruce Cowley
[view]Bruce Cowley
[view]Michelle Bush and Chris Senhouse check out one of the displays
[view]Some people are not tall
[view]Baberowski faces his opponent down in a round 1 feature match
[view]Terry Tsang vs. Mike Turian
[view]Kai Budde studies the board
[view]Brian Kibler vs. Gary Wise
[view]Scott Johns vs.Mike Bregoli
[view]Potato Nation vs. Team Jumble
[view]Table 51
[view]Warren Marsh
[view]Team Jumble builds
[view]40oz. All Stars are in uniform
[view]Scott Johns, Mindrippers editor-in-chief, dances the Charmed Griffin dance
[view]Mike Turian locks up the game
[view]Terry Tsang catches some beats
[view]Brian Kibler is here in style
[view]Mike Bregoli is looking frustrated
[view]Kai Budde frowns
[view]Andres Konstanczer
[view]Ben Murray, we think
[view]Invitational winner, Chris Pikula
[view]Budde and Baberowski
[view]Alex Balandin plays in a feature match
[view]Adrian Sullivan is one of the many players waiting for construction to begin
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz and Alex Shvartsman wait to talk to the scorekeeper
[view]Sigurd Eskeland waits for instructions
[view]A player lays out his cards
[view]Dave Humpherys, Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle of Your Move Games
[view]Your Move Games discusses deck synergy
[view]Team Antarctica builds their decks
[view]Dan OMS logging cards
[view]Antarctica was not pleased with their overall construction
[view]The OMS brothers and Jon Finkel
[view]Team Your Move Games builds its decks for the first round
[view]The deckbuilding process is key in Team Sealed
[view]Almost as important as the construction of the decks is deciding which person will play which deck
[view]Each player has his own sideboard, so artifacts need to be assigned carefully

Site Pictures

[view]A view of the championship stage
[view]Players are able to view the match on one of many televisions, while listening to live commentary by Randy Buehler and Worth Wollpert
[view]The Wizards of the Coast front desk
[view]The Wizards retail booth
[view]Trophies for the winners of the weekends events
[view]Madison Square Garden
[view]Bustling New York City
[view]Another view of the Garden
[view]Retailers had plenty of cards for every player
[view]Plenty of room for traders
[view]In the Pro Tour Cafe, players could relax and enjoy concessions while playing or chatting
[view]Dutiful DCI members update their personal information at the DCI booth
[view]Potential judges are interviewed at the Judge Certification booth
[view]Side Events Registration
[view]A set of draft packs. The cards have been stamped for security purposes
[view]Can Magic the Gathering possibly compete with The Who
[view]The Pro Tour comes to Madison Square Garden
[view]The Feature Match area
[view]Players congregate before deck construction

Staff Pictures

[view]Sideboards publisher and mentor, Jeff Donais. In the background, newlywed Elaine Chase
[view]Two judges have a respite
[view]Reid Schmadeka at the DCI booth
[view]Magic artist Alan Pollack
[view]Magic artist Thomas Baxa
[view]Head Judge Dan Gray gives the players a speech

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