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2002 Masters Series San Diego

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Ryan Fuller and his new Obelisk
[view]Fullers plans laid bare
[view]Canadas Ryan Fuller, on the eve of greatness
[view]Dave Humpherys moves on to plan B
[view]Fuller gauges Humpheryss hand
[view]Everyone check this out Stuff happening in the Humpherys-Fuller Final A once in a lifetime event
[view]The Pro Tour and Masters are held simultaneously to keep the crowds attention
[view]Dave Humperys, and in the background, the battlefield
[view]Dave Humpherys and co. test for his Masters Finals appearnace

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett is lulled to sleep by Ryan Fullers repeated examination of his graveyard
[view]Hegstad and Fuller trade notes about each others hand
[view]Hegstad Peeks. Its scheduled to finish resolving sometime Monday
[view]Masters Semifinal: Dave Humpherys vs. Tomi Walamies
[view]Dave Humpherys knows hes slow, but hes also damn good
[view]Toby Wachter has a message for the home audience
[view]Tomi Walamies is goofy. Theres no escaping it

Friday's Pictures

[view]Its smirk against smirk as Fuller and OMS do battle
[view]Steve OMS advises his opponent to let his spell resolve
[view]Jelly is unimpressed
[view]Dougherty slow-rolls a Fact or Fiction
[view]Rob Dougherty squares off against Tomi Jelly Walamies
[view]Ryan Fuller loves the spotlight
[view]Brian Hegstad against Benedikt Klauser in quarterfinal action
[view]Whose turn is it Who cares Hump will think wherever, whenever
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita leans in for a Fact or Fiction from Dave Humpherys
[view]Klauser asks Hegstad to hold
[view]Fujita studies a nearly-immoble Humpherys
[view]Behold Hegstads attmept at intimidation

Thursday's Pictures

[view]Jelger Wiegersma needs a moment
[view]Alan Comer vs. Rob Dougherty, plus spectators
[view]Humpheryss board is impressive
[view]Kamiel The Glacier Cornelissen takes his time
[view]Cornelissens graveyard is getting away from him
[view]Humpherys vs. Cornelissen, in a race to finish before sunrise
[view]Somewhere in there, a match
[view]Fujita is in mid-smash
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita and his trademark expression
[view]Franck Canu needs the power of his indoor toque for this one
[view]Ryan Fuller pauses. Perhaps for five minutes.
[view]Franck Canu throws down against Ryan Fuller
[view]Hegstad is one halo short of angelhood
[view]Brock Parker zooms
[view]Neither Ben Klauser nor Darwin Kastle particularly care.
[view]Aaron Forsythe makes small talk with Steve OMS after he smashed Mello
[view]Brock Parker likes his decks like he likes his sandwiches. Brian Hegstad is wowed.
[view]In the Sweet Sixteen, Walamies gets a knowing glance from Olivier Ruel
[view]Happy-Go Lucky Dave Price delights Mike Donais with a ribald limerick
[view]Walamies gets ready to lay into Finkel
[view]Tom Guevin is frustrated by Kamiel Cornelissens inability to follow his trashtalk
[view]Jonny Magic himself, with his likeness on board
[view]Tomi Jelly Walamies, and his telltale hat
[view]Alan Comer surveys his position against Joost Vollebregt
[view]Jafari tries his best poker face
[view]Fujita is confident against David Jafari
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita, looking dapper.
[view]The stars come out: Rob Dougherty vs. Ben Rubin
[view]Olivier Ruel works over Dan Clegg
[view]Anton Jonsson sends back David Humpheryss Psychatog
[view]Jelger Wiegersma versus Chris Benafel in a match destined to take an age
[view]Benedikt Klauser takes beats from Marcus Bell
[view]Franck Canu waits for Antoine Ruel to resolve his Peek
[view]Mike Pustilnik smirks against pretty boy Brian Hegstad
[view]Ryan Fuller gives Roger Sorino his best death stare
[view]Gateway co-champion Steve OMS faces World Champion Tom Van de Logt
[view]No quarter for roommates. Mello faces Kai Budde in the first round.
[view]Brock Parkers monstrous deck awes Patrick Mello
[view]Alex Shvartsman is calm. Perhaps TOO calm.
[view]Parker has four decks to Shvartsmans one
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz tangles with Darwin Kastle
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz. Alone.
[view]The 32 Masters Competitors
[view]Tournament Organizer Jeff Donais waxes philosophical
[view]John Larkin is too excited not to be medicated
[view]Randy Buehler steps out of his ivory tower to draft with the pros
[view]Alexander Witt is happy to take game two
[view]Steve OMS likes this play a lot
[view]For all the marbles: Alexander Witt v. Steve OMS
[view]David Jafari works on his intensity
[view]Odegaard puts shrugging on the stack
[view]Jafari shows off his Memory Lapse to no-one in particular
[view]Japanese Pro Reiji Ando fraternizes with a lowly sideboard grunt
[view]PTNY Finalist Gabriel Nassif sorts Oyvind Odegaards Fact or Fiction
[view]Alexander Witt thwarts Christoph Lipperts master plan
[view]Brian Davis is a veritable cauldron of joy
[view]Davis tries not to roll over to OMSs beatdown
[view]Dave Jafari is wracked by a panic attack
[view]Jafari versus Levy in the round of eight
[view]Steve OMS is like Santa Claus, but hes handing out Beatings, not presents
[view]Raphael Levy draws a crowd
[view]Peter Szigeti and Chris Benafel insist they have Thug Appeal
[view]Levy is taken aback
[view]Ishida Slays, and breaks the laws of physics
[view]Bob Maher, Jr. tries to do the math
[view]Japanese Mastermind Itaru Ishida lays into Raphael Levy
[view]All these people are three wins away from the Masters
[view]Clean-shaven Canadian Judge Chris Page, in his street clothes
[view]The Golden State looks fabulous
[view]The San Diego Concourse welcomes you
[view]The Hall. Swanky
[view]Svend Geersten enjoys Masters Gateway action
[view]Christoph Lippert, scarved for your protection
[view]Lars Dam gets his reanimation on
[view]Iridescent Angel versus a herd of Mongooses
[view]Brian Davis adopts a thinking pose
[view]Jonny Magic tries to watch, but Lindes deck is in the way
[view]Decking is not an option for Brian Davis
[view]Little kid or savage miser
[view]Antoine Ruel cant believe whats happening
[view]The French work on their draft technology
[view]The Sweet Sixteen duke it out
[view]Psychatog is one of the many underrated Odyssey cards to show up in the Gateway.
[view]Mike Turians land is very janky.
[view]Andy Stokinger considers his options carefully.
[view]Itaru Ishida winner of The Finals Japans version of States.
[view]Holistic Wisdom give John Ormerod too many options.
[view]Mike Turian and Andy Stokinger battle with their Balancing Act decks.
[view]Many spectators showed up to watach the Masters Grinder.
[view]Jeff Donais explains life to Ellen Koberer.
[view]Matt Lindes deck may be bigger than Jeff Cunningham.
[view]Jeff Cunningham faces off against the Biggest Deck.
[view]Matt Linde and his Double-Stacked Deck.

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