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2001 Barcelona Masters

Player Pictures

[view]Ben Rubin wins his second individual Masters title in a row
[view]The Masters finals are over
[view]Auch Rubin makes Elarar cringe
[view]The finals of the Masters are nearly over
[view]Sore lip
[view]Jay Elarar doesnt like the turn the game takes
[view]Ben Rubin in the eye of the camera
[view]Chin exercises
[view]That one says Jay
[view]Ben Rubin and Jay Elarar in the finals of the Masters
[view]Jay Elarar: Sure itll be me
[view]Ben Rubin before he is going to win in the finals of the Masters, according to him
[view]Zvi Moshowitz very surprised to have lost to Jay Elarar
[view]Finkel still hopes to win at least one title
[view]Jay Elarar made Top 8 in Chicago and just won this match against Mowshowitz
[view]Ben Rubin and Jon Finkel at the start of what promises to be a very long match.
[view]Ben Rubin is possibly on his way to his second Masters title, after winning it in Chicago 2000
[view]Zvi, seconds before losing his semi-finals match in the Masters
[view]Loads of people chose to stay late to see the semi-finals of the Masters
[view]Jay Elarar, dark eyes and an etnies cap
[view]Mark Rosewater closely follows Turians game
[view]Ryan Fuller still smiles after winning the first game in the Masters quarterfinals
[view]Jon Finkels clear eyes
[view]Zvi Moshowitz versus Markus Bell
[view]Mike Turian versus Jay Elarar in the shortest match of the quarterfinals
[view]The best player in the world versus the hottest player in the world, according to Sideboard reporter Randy Buehler
[view]Markus Bell
[view]Zvi aloha Moshowitz shaking it
[view]Ben Rubin
[view]Nieminem scratching his hair
[view]Ben Rubin versus Tuomo Nieminem
[view]The quarterfinals of the Masters
[view]Dave Humphreys trying to see through Ryan Fullers cards
[view]Fuller gets support from his AlphaBetaUnlimited teammate
[view]David Humphreys scratching whatever is left
[view]A sneaky Finkel reaches for his deck
[view]A blank look from Mike Turian
[view]Shvartsman nervously plays a Gainsay
[view]Mike Turian swept Alex Shvartsman in two quick games
[view]With sleeves to match his shirt, Benedikt Klauser
[view]Benedikt Klauser asks Jon Finkel, Are you anybody I should be afraid of
[view]Jimmy boy, this doesnt look good. Have you been drinking
[view]AlphaBetaUnlimited have a last look at their decks
[view]Tsuyoshi Fujita is wondering what it is that we see
[view]David Humphreys versus Tsuyoshi Fujita
[view]Satoshis sweet stuff
[view]Gary Wise giving Satoshi Nakamura the Im up to something really mean look
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen has the Magic touch. Frank Karsten and Geert Coeckelbergh approve
[view]Ben Rubin says its your turn
[view]A star in stripes: Warren Marsh
[view]Zvi Moshowitz has it. Although Finkel doesnt seem too convinced
[view]Sleeping beauty
[view]Kamiel Cornelissen versus Ben Rubin in the first round of the Masters
[view]Zvi Moshowitz versus Warren Marsh in the first round of the Masters
[view]Warren and Zvi and all the other Masters of the Universe
[view]The wannabes
[view]Cyril Grillon loves to address the crowds. Benedikt Klauser, Antoine and Olivier Ruel and Noah Boeken are attentive listeners
[view]Mikey P protecting his own little corner
[view]Playing it wherever
[view]Hier spricht man Deutsch
[view]Stiff upper lip discussion, English players
[view]Friendly shake
[view]Raphal Lvy has to explain Head Judge Mike Donais
[view]Tuomo Nieminem didnt even have to play
[view]Wizards of the Coast is so proud of its Japanese coverage. The Nakamura-Thoren game closing the Gateway
[view]Northern doubt Jens Thoren
[view]Satoshi Nakamura in eastern ecstasy
[view]Crazy Old Gary Krakower
[view]Put whatever you have under that hat at work to find an answer to this one, dude. Satoshi Nakamura facing Pierre Mahlerbaud
[view]Round five feature match
[view]Jens Thoren came second at Grand Prix Prague and is one of the Swedish favorites here
[view]Raphal Lvy all tight in round five
[view]Hector Fuentes followed closely by fellow countryman Carlos Barrado
[view]If Hector Fuentes Dromars Charm is as strong as his arms suggest he is himself, Raphal Lvy is up for something heavy
[view]Another glance at the Gateway tournament
[view]The Gateway is open

Site Pictures

[view]Oops. Magic players have too much on their minds to worry about housekeeping
[view]Bright and red. Could we have put it more bluntly Welcome
[view]And outside the sun is shining...
[view]Working 24/7, Magic is a tough game. The airport in New York
[view]This will look pretty any time soon now. Building the Pro Tour area
[view]The Wizards booth holds lots of promises

Staff Pictures

[view]Latin-America OP-coordinator Reid Schmadeka is happy to lend a hand at registration. Barcelona isnt that far off
[view]Mrs Donais registers Nakamura
[view]DCI staff needs pocket protectors
[view]Head Judge Cyril Grillon in the midst of one of his famous explanations
[view]Josh Bennett and Keita Mori rule. Omeed Dariani has the honor of editing their scribblings for Sideboard Online
[view]Judges get-together - from left to right - Paul Barclay UK, James Lee US, Marc Hernandez FR and Rogerio Alecrim PT
[view]Sideboard reporter Josh Bennett, Head Judge of the Gateway tournament Mike Donais and Sideboards own Omeed Dariani looking at a job well done

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