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2001 Grand Prix Warsaw

Player Pictures

[view]A happy champion. Little did he know then
[view]Swedish gangster
[view]Smiling faces
[view]Rickard going crazy
[view]Brotherly next to one another
[view]One happy man
[view]These are the best four players at Grand Prix Warsaw - or the luckiest
[view]The top 4
[view]Marcik and judge Justus Rnnau in the finals
[view]sterberg and judge Andrzej Cieslak in the finals
[view]Birds eye view of the finals
[view]David Linder
[view]Go ahead and double check, says Michal Marcik
[view]Now up to the finals for a third picture of sterberg biting his lip
[view]And another Swede: Viet Van Tuan, player, judge, Sideboard reporter, according to the occasion
[view]A determined looking Kettil
[view]Next time we invite Abba
[view]Rickard sterberg bites the lip
[view]Marcin Sados vs. Rickard sterberg
[view]One out of three Poles in the quarterfinals, Marcin Sados
[view]Roman got kicked out
[view]Marcik versus Kubera in the quarterfinals
[view]His T-shirt quite clearly shows that Michal Marcik is from Brno, Czech Republik
[view]Justus Rnnau felt a bit weird calling life totals out loud in the quarterfinal match Kettil vs. Oberbek
[view]Not Finkel but close, the Polish machine, Przemek Oberbek
[view]Mattias is swinging
[view]Ruud Warmenhoven is trying hard to grasp whats happening in this quarterfinal
[view]One out of three Swedish players in the top 8, David Linder
[view]The last of the Mohicans
[view]Roman Kubera, eight seed
[view]Mattias Kettil, seventh seed
[view]Rickard sterberg, sixth seed
[view]David Linder, fifth seed
[view]Marcin Sados, third seed
[view]Przemek Oberbek, second seed
[view]Felix Schneiders, fourth seed
[view]Michal Marcik, first seed
[view]The top 8 players from Grand Prix Warsaw
[view]All eight of them
[view]Mattias Kettil
[view]The tip of the tongue of Pawel Padziunas
[view]Nervous breakdown for Felix Schneiders, the winner of this match plays in top 8
[view]Gabor Papp and a curious little Polish fellow
[view]Watching a popular game
[view]The hundred-headed monster of Karoly Liptak
[view]Malherbaud against Kettile in round thirteen
[view]Schneiders versus Linder in round thirteen
[view]David Linder says you better start running
[view]Two men and a table
[view]The English Craig Jones and Richard Clyne, playing aside...
[view]Janosch Khn versus Pierre Malherbaud
[view]A fan
[view]Morgan Karlsson
[view]Yaroslav Kondratiev
[view]Start of the Grand Prix Vienna Trial
[view]An all-Polish feature match covered in Polish by Sideboard reporter Krzysztof Wysoczanski
[view]Roman Kubera, tight
[view]Polish Pawel Padziunas is not convinced this feature match was a good idea
[view]Felix Schneiders defeats Alex Strakhov, 2 - 0
[view]The German Felix Schneiders tries making his trip to Warsaw worthwhile
[view]Marcin Sados is cooking it
[view]Unlike what the intense stare of Przemek Oberbek might suggest, the match is quite friendly
[view]Johan Franzen, Lets pick a nice one
[view]Stefano Fiore. the puppy look
[view]Strong back-up from the local supporters
[view]Przemek Oberbek versus Marcin Sados, two of Polands best players
[view]Not featured but followed very closely by the crowd: Przemek Oberbek versus Felix Schneiders and Rickard sterberg versus Karol Polichnowski
[view]Just like his opponent, Gabor Papp plays Domain
[view]Stars and stripes, Zsolt Tokoli and his shirt
[view]The first feature matches of the day, ladies and gentlemen welcome to round nine
[view]Lauriol Sylvain, French and ex-Scottisch National Champion
[view]If ever there was a big smile, Mattias Kettil is wearing it now
[view]Quick peek
[view]Ruud Warmenhoven looks at Craig Jones in a pretty bad match-up against Pierre Malherbaud. Cant really deal with a Sabertooth Nishoba
[view]Wiktor Nguyen has a hand full
[view]Be happy Pawel Karaszewski, a colourful guy in a less colourful mood
[view]A little prayer from Pierre-Alain Laur
[view]Watching his pal, Federico Dato doesnt believe in it anymore
[view]Gromko Radoslaw
[view]Stefano Fiore misses a basic Forest
[view]Rickard sterberg plays No-Mar
[view]Round six in the green
[view]Lord of the board, moooo
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko waiting to get a beating
[view]How appropriate in these early September days: Pierre Malherbaud is learning how to write
[view]Cool cat from Poland, Pawel Swierk
[view]Alex Strakhov and a little remembrance from Grand Prix Prague
[view]Sok-Yong Lee does not make it difficult to guess how he feels about photographers
[view]At this point in the match, Felix Schneiders was at a loss
[view]Third at Ukrainian Nationals, Boris Zlotoiabko
[view]Janosch Khn finished this match mercifully quickly
[view]Round five feature matches
[view]Like the big guys
[view]Playing beauties
[view]Feature matches in round four
[view]England is renown for its ferocious pets. Craig Jones at work
[view]Eugene Roginski
[view]Gromko Radoslaw in utter concentration
[view]Okin is watched closely by - youve guessed it - another Russian who made top 8 in Moscow: Rustam Bakirov
[view]A faint smile on the face of Eugeny Okin. Okin also made top 8 at Grand Prix Moscow
[view]Russian get-together in the third round
[view]Yurki Markin looks for a coin. He made top 8 at Grand Prix Moscow
[view]Yuri Kolomeyko from Ukraine
[view]German Janosh Khn and Hungarian Zsolt Tokoli fraternatize
[view]Michael Debard caught by surprise
[view]Craig Jones enjoying his full complement of byes
[view]An inquisitive Bertrand Lestree
[view]Johan Franzen from Sweden without red nose
[view]Pick out Erik Leander and Rickard sterberg from the Swedish crowd. Mattias Kettil is hiding behind Erik
[view]The Russian Strakhov is one of the lucky ones to have a bye
[view]Polish star player Gromko Radoslaw looks into a game
[view]There is quite a large Russian delegation. Here is Yuri Markin, who made top 8 in Moscow this year
[view]French National Champion Pierre Malherbaud and some French buddies
[view]400 players in a tennis court
[view]Tuning up decks, trying to find the right card

Site Pictures

[view]Whoever made this board got the cards mixed up
[view]Behind this gate lies the promise of a weekend of fun competition
[view]A touch of modernism for the Polish Grand Prix site
[view]This time tomorrow, these seats will be full of Magic players following the feature matches

Staff Pictures

[view]Sound asleep, Cyril Grillon
[view]We left the bar at two oclock last night
[view]Judge Witold Wachowiak checks Marciks deck for marked cards in the semi-finals
[view]Our Head Judge likes to be the centre of attention
[view]Ruud Warmenhoven and Mark Wraith, preparing for the finals reporting
[view]Head judge Jakub Wysoczanski is really a nice guy
[view]Krzysztof Wysoczanski sweating over his first feature match report
[view]Keeping an eye open at the side events,judge Mateusz Wata
[view]Someone who couldnt get out of bed this morning, level 3 judge Adam Cetnerowsky
[view]Guaranteed sore backs for Mark Wraith and Viet Van Tuan after sorting out deck lists tonight
[view]Sideboard reporter Kris Pietron evaluating the day with judge Justus Rnnau
[view]Putting things in perspective
[view]Fresh blood for Sideboard Online: Krzysztof Pietron reporting on the round seven feature match between Radoslaw and Kolomeyko
[view]My favourite is Dromars Cavern
[view]Franz Vohwinkel is the artist on site
[view]Cyril Grillon just tries to make us believe scorekeeping is an easy job
[view]Stoffel concocting something fabulous no doubt
[view]These judges are ready for the day
[view]Justus Rnnau and Mark Wraith. I thought slavery was abolished
[view]Chain gang, getting ready

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]A last ruffle at side events
[view]The remains of the day
[view]Night over Warsaw and Ron Spencers Anthroplasm
[view]Mais il est o, Cajus
[view]The master list
[view]Still life in blue
[view]This will be a theme-weekend and the theme this time is Contrasting New York

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