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2001 Grand Prix Taipei

Player Pictures

[view]The winners, and still cham-peens, Team AlphaBetaUnlimited.com
[view]Semifinalists Anchans
[view]Quarterfinalists Team T.T.T.
[view]Quarterfinalists Dr. No-right
[view]The brains behind Panzer Hunters, Itaru Ishida
[view]The OMS brothers check out the finals
[view]Everyone wants to watch history in the making
[view]A bit of a sticky wicket, what
[view]Chris Benafel hides his concern with the brim of his hat
[view]Dave Williams ponders
[view]For once, Tahngarth isnt up to the task
[view]Rookie of the Year hopeful Katsuhiro Mori
[view]Birds-eye-view of the ABU side of things
[view]The final draft is well spectivated
[view]But, could I be as nefarious as Doctor Wong
[view]Masayuki Higashino with a towel on his head. Nuff said
[view]Its practically panic in the streets
[view]Dr. No-Right have the home-field advantage
[view]ABU, in their traditional show of solidarity
[view]Anchans, and their various grimaces
[view]Semifinal Action: T.T.T. v. ABU. Find Dan Clegg, win a No-Prize
[view]ABU and T.T.T., its a tricky business
[view]Our Skycam catches the draft as it happens
[view]Dont be shy, crowd around
[view]Top 4: Team T.T.T.
[view]Top 4: Dr. No-right
[view]Top 4: Anchans
[view]Top 4: AlphaBetaUnlimited.com
[view]The hopefuls, Team APAC
[view]Anchans in Round 9: The long day has taken its toll
[view]Inside the huddle, its a mad scramble to get the right cardss
[view]Round 9 Draft: Anchans v. APAC
[view]ABU giggling like schoolgirls
[view]A glacial pace: Toshiki Tsukamoto v. Dan Clegg
[view]Fire Beat get ready to rumble
[view]Round 8 Feature Match Draft: ABU v. Fire Beat
[view]Impromptu mute conference at the drafting table
[view]Tsukamoto v. Wai is the deciding match
[view]Fire Beats Jun Nobushita is in a bad way
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Wrath of God v. Fire Beat
[view]Spectators and players alike crowd the drafting tables
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto: Ooooh
[view]Team Rochester requires concentration
[view]Wrath of God are impassive to the point of catatonia
[view]Anchans are fired up
[view]Team T.T.T. pose expertly
[view]Round 5 Feature Match: Team T.T.T. v. Antarctica
[view]Its a Finkel sandwich on OMS bread
[view]Team T.T.T. are where the action is
[view]Datcho Club are out for blood in Round 4
[view]Team APAC sport hastily-constructed team shirts
[view]An excellent turnout
[view]No Food Allowed in the tournament area means the halls are crammed.
[view]The visiting pros spend their lunch Team Drafting
[view]Round 3 Feature Match: Champion.com v. ABU. It all comes down to this.
[view]Team ABU dont like where this is going
[view]Team Champion.com are relaxing or slouching, one of the two.
[view]Katsuhiro Mori, Itaru Ishida and Osamu Fujita are Team Anchans
[view]Round 2 Feature Match: Anchans v. Ing Gueit
[view]Round 1 Feature Match: Alligator v. I Have Three Dromar: The deciding game.
[view]Someones about to be very unhappy
[view]I Have Three Dromar are stoic, like Spock. Remember Spock
[view]Team Alligator is all business
[view]Local favorites Team T.T.T.
[view]Team ABU tries to cut a card from Williamss build
[view]Always expressive, Team Fire Beat
[view]Another of Japans strong teams: Datcho Club
[view]Team Antarctica break it down
[view]Team Anchans is Katsuhiro Moris best hope to get Pro Points before Worlds
[view]Team Perfect Skull check everything twice
[view]Back for more: Team AlphaBetaUnlimited.com
[view]Jon Finkel and Steve OMS like the looks of their cards
[view]Tsuyoshi Ikeda of Team Fire Beat has a studied nonchalence
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto blurs the line between reality and fantasy
[view]Team Alligator inspect their wares
[view]Its bedlam as players crack packs
[view]Players eagerly await their sealed decks
[view]Half the fun of registration is the killer swag you get

City Pictures

[view]Taipei bustles with an energy all its own

Site Pictures

[view]Welcome to the Space Age
[view]The venue, New York New York, has everything
[view]Even Lady Liberty made the trip for the GP

Staff Pictures

[view]Grand Prix-Taipei Staff
[view]Scorekeeper Adrian Teh is literally all smiles
[view]Judges gather for a clandestine meeting with Quinton Hoover
[view]Sideboard Reporter Josh Bennett shows you where they put the Brain Medicine
[view]Toughing it out at The Land Station
[view]The artist at work
[view]All this hubbub is for Quentin Hoover
[view]Japanese Sideboard Editor Keita Mori has the intensity of forty men
[view]GP staff get ready to give the players what they want
[view]Head Judge Jacky Yang gives a quick pep talk
[view]Puppetmaster Adrian Teh controls the GP from his scorekeeping station
[view]Acting Event Manager David Ong loves the spotlight

Miscellaneous Pictures

[view]Its a full-fledged Media Circus
[view]For Posterity
[view]Big Money Big Prizes I love it
[view]Restaurant Editor Wanted

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