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Photo Coverage of 2000 Grand Prix Sapporo

Player Pictures

[view]Its heavy, but I dont care
[view]I want it all, I want it now Satoshi Nakamura
[view]Can I touch your hat
[view]There can be only one ...
[view]Top four pose for the cameras
[view]Champion Satoshi Nakamura
[view]These shoes werent made for a marathon
[view]Glory is expensive, honour is free
[view]Whatever happended to the ladder...
[view]Let the final begin
[view]Its the Ron and Mon show
[view]Wassup with that hat
[view]Da plane, Da plane
[view]Mike Long: A very happy man
[view]Masaya Mori contemplates the second draft
[view]Cooling off with the forehead patch.
[view]Table eight smiles before the second draft.
[view]Mmmm, tastes good.
[view]Cool jacket
[view]Feature Match for Round 9 - Lionel Yuen Weng Foong vs. Itaru Ishida.
[view]Table one preparing for the first draft.
[view]Thumbs up.
[view]Michael Long, salesman extraordinaire.
[view]No comment.
[view]Table three during draft one.
[view]Alex Shvartsman during the first draft.
[view]Takamasa Fukata, the priest, chooses carefully.
[view]Team John.
[view]I want that one.
[view]Higashino takes the last card.
[view]Birds eye view of the draft.
[view]Takamasa Fukata ponders his draft choices.
[view]Intense concentration is required during the draft.
[view]More of draft one.
[view]Table one nearing the end of draft one.
[view]Mori contemplates his next move.
[view]Masaya Mori in action
[view]Shvartsman in action.
[view]Side Event competitors.
[view]Card Trading in front of the prerelease area.
[view]Bad Boy Club
[view]Itaru Ishida, one of Japans top players.
[view]Lack of sleep makes me hungry.
[view]I vant to suck your blood.
[view]Grand Prix-Sapporo Competitor T-shirt.
[view]The Jester and the Priest, Satoshi Nakamura and Takamasa Fukata
[view]The very cute Japanese fan girl, Fujiko Kato
[view]Japans youngest Magic Player
[view]Buddhist Magic player Takamasa Fukata
[view]Japanese players trade and play on registration day
[view]Grand Prix Sapporo trial event

Site Pictures

[view]The Duelist lives on in Japan
[view]Some More Sapporo Beer Factory
[view]Magic art No, Nautica storefront.
[view]The Sapporo Beer Factory
[view]Sapporo Factory Mall
[view]Todays Olympic headlines.
[view]Random dot Japanese foil Invasion card.
[view]Grand Prix-Sapporo stage.
[view]Calm before the storm.
[view]Diagram of the Grand Prix-Sapporo venue
[view]The trophies for the top 4 players at Grand Prix-Sapporo
[view]The venue in the early morning hours of day one
[view]Outside the Grand Prix-Sapporo venue
[view]The Beer Factory in all its glory
[view]Hobby Japans onsite superstore
[view]The Sapporo beer factory
[view]Toys-R-Us at night
[view]Sapporos Bell Tower
[view]All is ready for the Grand Prix
[view]First place trophy
[view]The top tables at the Grand Prix Sapporo Trial
[view]The Sapporo beer factory at night
[view]More of the Sapporo Bell Tower

Staff Pictures

[view]The fashionable judges
[view]Kazuhisa Aono, Hobby Japans event manager is very glad its Sunday.
[view]Scorekeeper hard at work.
[view]Head Judge, Takashi Aida calls the draft.
[view]Good thing I packed my mini-ladder.
[view]I told you not to leave that sushi in there.
[view]Keita Mori succesfully judges the draft.
[view]Yaro Starak, Sideboard Reporter for GP-Sapporo.
[view]Hobby Japan Retail booth prepares for action.
[view]Aida wassssssups the judges.
[view]Judges smile for the camera.
[view]Hobby Japan staff member, Kawahara prepares for a big day in the side events area.
[view]Chris Zantides has seen the light
[view]Last minute updates are made to the computer before day one begins
[view]Head Judge Takashi Aida and Scorekeeper Masayasu Takano
[view]The Hobby Japan staff prepare for a big day
[view]The Rons prepare the artist signing area
[view]Ron Spencer prepares for a big day of card signing
[view]Two Judges stroll through the venue
[view]Grand Prix-Sapporo judging staff prepare for day one
[view]Ron Foster and Chris Zantides
[view]Artist Ron Spencer explains how he created Hammer of Bogardan
[view]Hobby Japan at Sapporo
[view]Ron Spencer, Artist
[view]Ron Foster and Yaro Starak interview Buddhist Magic player Takamasa Fukata

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