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Photo Coverage of Grand Prix Pittsburgh 2000

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Ahh ... Big Deck. Brian David Marshall tries out the joys that are Aaron Forsythes Big Deck Draft Box. Take all your old good rares that you arent using, season to taste with Type 1 power cards, shuffle up, and make booster packs to draft with.
[view]There were two Rd. 9 matches where the winner advanced to the top 4. Here Team Paradox drafts against Antarctica. Antarctica only needed a draw to clinch, but Paradox had really weak tiebreakers and probably needed a win. After dropping one match and on the verge of dropping a second. Paradox finally agreed to a draw, hoping their tiebreakers would randomly improve. They didnt and Paradox finished 5th.
[view]Jon Finkel and Steve OMahoney-Schwartz were pretty happy to pick up a 6th pick Defiant Falcon. Team Antarctica clinched the Top 4 after their match with Team Paradox.
[view]Were sorry, your judge is tied up at the moment.
[view]Christopher Moeller -- the man who brought you Copper-Leaf Angel.
[view]Huey, Ben, and Casey were really happy to advance to the Top 4 at the expense of Tenacious D 3D, especially after Ben Rubin received a game loss for misregistering his deck. Rubin came back to win both game 2 and game 3 against Dan Clegg.
[view]There were only 4 invitations given away this weekend, but the invites dropped all the way down to 12th place Look Out Bello went 0-3 on the day, but still qualified.
[view]A large crowd gathered to see if Steve O could hold on against Rob Dougherty. He did.
[view]Jon Finkel won a quick 2-0 victory over Rob Dougherty and was then forced to watch his teammates try to finish off an Antarctica win over YMG. Dan O used Rupture to draw his match with Darwin Kastle while Steve O managed to survive extra turns with 1 life point left to draw his own match against Rob Dougherty. Thus Antarctica wins the overall match 1-0-2 and moves into first place with just one round to go.
[view]After the Rd. 8 draft Chris Pikula thought Just For Men was going to get destroyed by Team Diesel. However, here you see him standing on a chair to watch the impossible dream come true. Alex Balandin pulled out his match against Chris Senhouse to give the Men the win and a great shot to qualify for the Pro Tour.
[view]Here Terry Tsang talks about what could have been if only hed drawn land against Matt Vienneau. What could have been is that Team Paradox would only have beaten his Look Out Bello 2-1 instead of 3-0 Its quite interesting to see that teams which had practiced together a significant number of times like Team Paradox are rising in the Swiss while teams that hadnt like Look Out Bello are falling.
[view]Matt Linde picks a card for Tenacious D 3D -- they took on Sufficiently Randomized in Round 7, a crucial match for both teams.
[view]Welcome back Nate Clarkes The Bedell Family advanced to day 2 and then got rounded up to take on Team Antarctica.
[view]Look Out Bello has never drafted together before so Terry Tsang expects to make most of the decisons.
[view]Michelle Bush drafts a card for Team Diesel.
[view]Finkel and the Os build their decks after the first draft.
[view]Alex Shvartsmans Sufficiently Randomized drew with Tenacious D 3D in round 7 to the surprise of absolutely no one. Mike Bregoli and Dan Clegg are both notoriously slow players and they barely got to game 3 and had little chance of finishing it.
[view]Who would have thought THIS would happen Dave prices Rebel Informer was amazing against Chris Pikulas blue/white deck. To read more about this match check out the Feature Match coverage.
[view]James Bradley not only won the Grudge match yesterday, but he also advanced to day 2.
[view]Despite being spurned by former Legion teammate Alex Shvartsman, Mike Pustilnik advanced to day 2 as a member of Insufficient Randomization. However, they dropped this Rd. 7 match 2-1 to Team Grrrrr.

Saturday's Pictures

[view]1998 US National champion Matt Linde led Tenacious D 3D for a solid 5-1 Saturday.
[view]Only one of these two teams could advance to Day 2. Michael Long told me after they built their decks that Suspicion Breeds Confidence was in trouble and he was right. They managed only 1 point they went 0-2-1 with their second set of decks. Huey, Ben, and Casey eliminated them from the event and moved on to Sunday.
[view]The juggernaut that is Your Move Games advanced to Sunday with a perfect 6-0 record. The Alex Shvartsman led Suficiently Randomized also moves onto Sunday in 9th place Alex continues to chase Darwin Kastle in the Player of the Year race.
[view]Old school Detroit Magic: Mike Guptil and Gleek Rich Frangiosa.
[view]Huey, Ben, and Casey were pretty happy to open these.
[view]Team Diesel could make some noise this weekend -- from the right thats Chris Senhouse, Joel Frank. and Michelle Bush.
[view]The big guns came out to play in Round 3. Here Trevor Blackwell and Mike Long take on Gas, Inc. Suspicion Breeds Confidence won 2-0-1.
[view]Chris Pikula: If this was 1997, youd be intimidated.
[view]Magic really is fun for all ages.
[view]Dave Williams did indeed arrive in town and get to the tournament before his team was forced to play a round.
[view]Nate Heiss and Beth Liston square off during round 2.
[view]Pittsburgh playground legend Dan Silberman.
[view]The Round 2 Feature Match was a beauty: Potato Nation versus 2 Lawyers and a Leiher. Mike Turian took out Jon Becker 2-0 in a green on green match that lasted about 13 seconds. Gary Wise and Pete Leiher both had mana problems in game 3, but Wise hadmore cheap creatures and clinched the overal match early. Scott Johns and John Slaughter took a long time and recruited 387 Rebels a piece into play, but their match only mattered for tiebreakes. Johns had Lin Sivvi and Predator, but Predatotgot Disenchanted and he couldnt deal with Fen Stalker.
[view]What do the PT regulars do while everyone else plays the first two rounds Practice against each other
[view]Here is all that is left of Forbes Field the Pittsburgh Pirates home park until 1970. That flagpole was in fair territory
[view]Star City is set up for a weekend of wheeling and dealing.
[view]Artist Matt Cavotta is here and will be signing cards all weekend.
[view]The Grand Prix time warp continues ... Mario Robaina put in an appearance. Hes not playing, just hanging out. I dont even know what the names of the sets are but he still cant stay away.
[view]Our American Hero 1996 US National Champion Dennis Bentley
[view]Ben Rubin and Billy Jensen almost made the finals in St. Louis with Mike Bregoli, but Bregoli was just keeping Casey McCarrels seat warm.
[view]Lots of people know the name, not so many know the man: Andrew Cuneo.
[view]The Cathedral of Learning, on Pitts campus, is one of the largest classroom buildings in the world.
[view]264 players are participating in this weekends event.
[view]IRC channel mtgpro must be awfully quiet today. Nateman Nate Clarke is playing Magic.
[view]The last time Michael Long and Trevor Blackwell sat down across from each other, one of them got disqualified. This time theyre teammates.
[view]Team Potato Nation builds their first sealed decks.
[view]When Mike Long gave Brian Schneider a call this week and asked him to come to Pittsburgh, Schneider bought his fiancee -- Kate Stavola -- along with him. She wound up on a pretty impressive team considering her team -- Five Legs -- was formed at midnight last night: both Brian Kowal and Team CMU alum Dan Silberman were hanging out and available.
[view]No tour of Pittsburgh would be complete without a visit to the spot where Bill Mazeroskis game 7, 9th inning home run beat the Yankees in the 1960 World Series.
[view]Head Judge Dan Gray contemplates stealing home.

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