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Photo Coverage of 2000 Grand Prix Manchester

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Finalists John Ormerod and Darwin Kastle
[view]Champion Darwin Kastle
[view]John Ormerod show off his Finalist Trophy
[view]Finals: John Ormerod vs. Darwin Kastle
[view]Semi: Mark Le Pine vs. Darwin Kastle
[view]Semi: Noah Boeken vs. John Ormerod
[view]Quarter: Noah Boeken vs. Justin Gary
[view]Quarter: Marc Hernandez vs. Darwin Kastle
[view]Quarter: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. John Ormerod
[view]Quarter: Mark Le Pine vs. Neil Rigby
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz
[view]Noah Boeken
[view]Round 10 feature match between Tom Harle and John Ormerod.
[view]Round 10 feature match between Rob Dougherty, member of team Your Move Games against Bram Snepvangers.
[view]John Ormerod is playing an amazing tournament and proves again that hes the best Limited player in Europe.
[view]Round 9 feature match between Ed Fear and John Ormerod.
[view]Round 9 feature match between Tom Harle and Darwin Kastle.
[view]John Ormerod went 7-0 on day 1 and drafted a strong deck during the first draft.
[view]Noah Boeken from the Netherlands, current European Championship.
[view]Ryan Fuller from Canada.
[view]Marcin Cieslikowski from Poland and Janosch Kuehn from Germany.
[view]Draft 1 table 4: Alexander Witt from the Netherlands and Richard Edbury from Wales.
[view]Draft 1 table 3: Zvi Mowshowitz and Mattias Jorstedt.
[view]Draft 1 table 3: Justin Gary and Mark Le Pine
[view]Draft 1 table 2: Florent Jeudon, the 3rd member of the Black Ops Team.
[view]Draft 1 table 2: Rob Brooks and Dominik Hothow.
[view]Draft 1 table 2: Olivier Ruel, Franck Canu and Noah Boeken.
[view]Rob Dougherty and Tom Harle, winner of the 1999 English Championships.
[view]Darwin Kastle and Bram Snepvangers both looking happy with their first pick.
[view]Ed Fear and David Price after their first pick.
[view]Steven OMS elegantly picking a card while Scott Wills and Robert Dougherty are watching him.
[view]A lot of spectators watched table 1 during the 1st draft. It featured the following well-known players: John Ormerod, Edward Fear, Darwin Kastle, David Price, Robert Dougherty, Tom Harle, Bram Snepvangers and Steven OMahoney-Schwartz.

Saturday's Pictures

[view]This should have been a feature match: Tony Dobson playing Scott Wills.
[view]Ed Fear: whoever loses the first game, loses his shirt. Guess who lost
[view]Round 7 feature match: Steven OMahoney-Schwartz vs. Darwin Kastle.
[view]Round 7 feature match: Gordon Benson vs. Scott Wills.
[view]Round 6 feature match: Pete Norris vs. Raymond Young.
[view]Round 6 feature match: David Price vs. Richard Edbury.
[view]Raymond Young must be the youngest player in the tournament.
[view]Justin Gary from the US, top 8 at PT Rome in 1998.
[view]Daniel came to Porto and Steven OMS made it to Manchester.
[view]David Price, PT LA 1998 winner.
[view]Darwin Kastle is one of the 17 Americans who came to Manchester.
[view]A round 5 feature match between 2 German players Kai Budde, 1999 World Champion and Dominik Hothow.
[view]A round 5 feature match between John Ormerod from England and Olivier Ruel from France.
[view]Janosch Kuehn vs. Tony Dobson in a round 4 feature match.
[view]Janosh Kuehn, Top 8 finisher at Worlds 2000.
[view]Alex Shvartsman vs. Noah Boeken, current European Champion in a round 4 feature match.
[view]Mark Wraith says, If I lose this round, Ill help with Sideboard coverage.
[view]Paul Barclay, level 3 judge, is head judging the event.
[view]Judges taking a break: Darryl Tweedle and Nigel Jefferson.
[view]Pokemon demos will be given during the entire weekend.
[view]Single Card seller House of Atreides.
[view]Single Card sellers Cutting Edge Collectibles.
[view]Another player catching up on some sleep.
[view]France and Belgium unite: Marc Hernandez and Jean-Louis DHondt.
[view]Olivier Ruel, playing the finals only 2 weeks ago in Porto also turned up in Manchester to have another go at the Top 8.
[view]Dominik Hothow and Janosh Kuhn, both top 8 finishers at Worlds 2000.
[view]Warren Marsh and Tony Dobson testing their sealed decks during the first 3 rounds.
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz from the US only flew in this morning and is using his 3 round byes to catch up on some sleep.
[view]Kai Budde and Mattias Jorstedt are killing time during the first 3 rounds.
[view]Ben Ronaldson and John Ormerod are being interviewed by the UK PR agency for media purposes.
[view]New Century Hall hosts the 1st English GP of the 2000-2001 PT season in Manchester.
[view]New Century Hall hosts the 1st English GP of the 2000-2001 PT season in Manchester.

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