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2001 Grand Prix Hiroshima

Player Pictures

[view]Ron Foster and Takefumi Ichinohe present GP Hiroshima Champion Masayuki Higashino with the winners trophy.
[view]The Top 4 pose with their trophies. From left: Champion Masayuki Higashino, Finalist Masaya Mori, Semi-Finalist Nobuaki Shikata, and Semi-Finalist Masahiko Morita.
[view]Head Judge Takefumi Ichinohe interviews GP Hiroshima Champion Masayuki Higashino.
[view]Grand Prix Hiroshima Champion Masayuki Higashino poses proudly with his trophy.
[view]The Champion of GP Hiroshima Masayuki Higashino poses with his trophy.
[view]Masaya Mori congratulates Masayuki Higashino on becoming champion of GP Hiroshima.
[view]Masaya Mori tries for his first GP championship.
[view]Masaya Mori and Masayuki Higashino face off in the Finals of GP Hiroshima. If Mori wins, it will be his first GP championship if Higashino wins it will be his second.
[view]Masayuki Higashino is looking to win his second Grand Prix.
[view]Katsuhiro Mori left and Toshiki Tsukamoto during the Top 8 draft.
[view]Masaya Mori in the Top 8 draft. Koby Okada sits to his left.
[view]Masayuki Higashino shuffles his deck while Tournament Manager Takashi Aida calls time during the draft. Katsuhiro Mori sits to Higashinos left, with Masahiko Morita on his right.
[view]Another Top 8 draft shot. GP Kyoto 2000 Champion Tsuyoshi Fujita left feeds Koby Okada.
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto versus Tadahiko Morita.
[view]Kenichi Fujita versus Tadayoshi Komiya.
[view]Kenichi and Tadayoshi Komiya.
[view]Boy, this Japanese coffee sure is strong
[view]Alex Shvartsman takes on the Japanese Zvi, rogue deck designer Kiyoshi Sasanuma.
[view]Kiyoshi Sasanuma versus Alex Shvartsman.
[view]Alex isnt playing Plains today, so he doesnt have to think.
[view]The second Planeshift prerelease of the day drew 64 participants.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura is interviewed by a local TV crew covering the event.
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto fights for a place in the Top 8.
[view]Young Japanese superstar Katushiro Mori has been in the Top 8 of the last three Japanese Grand Prixes.
[view]Carl Wong won a GP Hiroshima trial in Singapore, and has ridden his three byes into the Top 64.
[view]Masaya Mori caught by surprise during the second draft.
[view]The top table is made up of seasoned veterans, including Grand Prix Sendai Champion Masayuki Higashino and Grand Prix Kyoto 2000 Champion Tsuyoshi Fujita.
[view]Nao Yamamoto watches as opponent Reiji Ando plays a Tower Drake.
[view]Reiji Ando draws his next card.
[view]Masaya Morri studies his hand while opponent Toshiki Tsukamoto taps land to play his Dream Thrush.
[view]Clash of titans: two-time Japanese National Champion Toshiki Tsukamoto faces off against two-time APAC Champion Masaya Mori.
[view]Toshiki Tsukamoto awaits opponent Masaya Moris next move.
[view]More women can be seen at tournaments in Japan than in most countries. Roughly 10 of the prerelease participants today are women.
[view]Another Pokemon graduate.
[view]Itaru Ishida right cuts Katsuhiro Moris deck.
[view]Two-time Japanese National Champion Toshiki Tsukamoto faces off against Nobuaki Shikata.
[view]Masayuki Higashino is mightily pleased with his deck.
[view]Will Alex Shvartsman be able to add another Grand Prix Top 8 to his resume
[view]Higashino is very pleased with his first draft.
[view]An uncharacteristically hatless Satoshi Nakamura plans his response to opponent Tomohiro Maruyamas attack.
[view]Tomohiro Maruyama waits to see opponent Satoshi Nakamuras next play.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura left versus Tomohiro Maruyama in the first feature match of the Top 64.
[view]Tsuyoshi Doyama carefully considers his draft choice.
[view]Satoshi Nakamura seeks an answer in the cards.
[view]If you stare too long at the cards, they stare back at you.
[view]A dapper-looking Tadayoshi Komiya drafts his first pack of the day.
[view]Masaya Mori pulls a bomb.
[view]Masahiko Morita left girds up for his match against Asian superman Masaya Mori.
[view]Masaya Mori in top deck mode.
[view]Masahiko Morita initiates beatdown on Masaya Mori.
[view]Why is this man smiling Because he just drew a dragon.
[view]Alex Mr. Grand Prix Shvartsman studies his hand carefully.
[view]Alex Shvartsman right faces off against Japanese National Champion Tsuyoshi Doyama.
[view]Katsuhiro Mori watches his opponent launch an attack.
[view]Young up-and-coming Magic player Katsuhiro Mori left faces off against Grand Prix Taipei 2000 Champion Tadayoshi Komiya.
[view]Kenichi Fujita
[view]Masayuki Higashino considers his sideboard options.
[view]Takao Higaki desperately searches his sideboard for an answer to Higashinos powerful deck.
[view]Higaki enters his scoop phase after a sound defeat by Higashino.
[view]Takuichi Harino carefully considers his next move
[view]Takaaki Takemoto makes his move
[view]Koichiro Maki waits to see his opponents next move.
[view]Tatsuo Yoshii blue shirt vs. Koichiro Maki.
[view]Takaaki Takemoto does the math in his feature match.
[view]Koichiro Maki left assesses the situation on the board.
[view]The Hiroshima judges hard at work performing deck checks during Round 1.
[view]The Mad Hatter makes an appearance.
[view]Artists are always a popular attraction at Japanese Grand Prix. Here, Mark Tedin signs cards for a fan.
[view]Masaya Mori building his deck.
[view]Mark Tedin earns his lunch.
[view]11-year-old Masaei Miyamori prepares for his first Feature Match.
[view]Michihisa Onoda, a young Japanese pro player, finished in the Top 32 at PT Chicago in December.
[view]Michihisa Onoda at work.
[view]Keitaro Hattori thinks about his next move.
[view]Young superstar Masaei Miyamori ponders his options.
[view]Two-time APAC Champion Masaya Mori.
[view]Pro Tour regular Itaru Ishida.
[view]GP Sapporo 2000 Champion Satoshi Hat Man Nakamura.
[view]Tomohiro Maruyama expounds on his draft strategies to anyone who will listen.
[view]Bosom buddies
[view]And theyre off Deck construction begins.
[view]If theyre smiling, you know theyve pulled a dragon.
[view]The Trial on Friday night drew 79 participants. 607 players have pre-registered for the main event.
[view]The world-reknowned Hat Man Satoshi Nakamura displays his flair for the dramatic while applying beatdown to his opponent.
[view]Two-time APAC Champion Masaya Mori gets in some draft practice.
[view]Somewhat jet-lagged, world traveler extraordinaire Alex Shvartsman greets his adoring public.
[view]Japanese Sideboard reporter Keita Mori hard at work.
[view]The Grand Prix Hiroshima trophies.
[view]Taro Kageyama left get some advice from Pro Tour veteran Itaru Ishida glasses in his match against Reiji Ando.

Site Pictures

[view]A bat somehow found its way into the venue after dark. Its the blurry thing in the upper right.
[view]Single card dealers are always a popular attraction at Japanese events.
[view]Another shot of the Planeshift prerelease.
[view]A shot from outside the Grand Prix venue.
[view]The morning Planeshift prerelease has attracted 329 players. This is the first of two prereleases planned for the day the next one will begin at 1:00pm.
[view]The crab marks the spot. This animated crab is a trademark of a chain of crab restaurants throughout Japan.
[view]Japan has a multitude of convenience stores that sell just about anything. Lawson is one of the largest chains and a source of necessary nutrition for Sideboard reporters and Magic players.
[view]A view of GP Hiroshima from the main stage. 447 players are here eager to test their playing skills.
[view]Another view of the GP Hiroshima venue.
[view]The Grand Prix Hiroshima main stage.

Staff Pictures

[view]Its the Mons and Ron show
[view]Ron and Mons are puzzled by a trivia question from the Japanese audience: There is a way to take mana burn twice in one phase. What is it Yes, there is a way--look for the answer in this weeks Week in Review column by Alex Shvartsman.
[view]Mark Tedin is hard at work again today.
[view]Head Judge Takafuni Ichinohe observes Itaru Ishida and Katsuhiro Moris feature match.
[view]The line for illustrator Mark Tedin is consistently over 100 people.
[view]Head Judge Ichinohe observes a feature match.
[view]GP Hiroshima Tournament Manager Takashi Aida left and Head Judge Takefumi Ichinohe get ready for a big day.
[view]Level 2 judge Masayuki Lancer Kunimitsu practices some crowd control.
[view]Tournament Manager Takashi Aida.
[view]Wizards of the Coast Territory Manager for Japan/Korea Ron Foster confers with Lever 2 judges Kazuhiro Wakatsuki left and Masayuki Kunimitsu.
[view]Head Judge Takefumi Ichinohe welcomes the players to GP Hiroshima.
[view]Sideboard reporters James White of New Zealand and Japans Keita Mori hard at work, bringing you live coverage of GP Hiroshima.

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