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2000 Grand Prix Helsinki

Player Pictures

[view]Erno Ekebom from Finland, runner-up at Grand Prix Helsinki.
[view]winner and runner-up: Noah Boeken Netherlands and Erno Ekebom Finland
[view]Noah Boeken, current European Champion, is very happy with his first GP victory.
[view]The Finals: Erno Ekebom vs. Noah Boeken
[view]Theres a lot of activity in the Sideboard online corner, from right to left: Vicky Korstanje, Kim Eikefet, Tony Dobson, Craig Jones and Alex Shvartsman.
[view]Sideboard online writers typing up quarter final match reports: Craig Jones, Pete Norris and Ben Ronaldson.
[view]Semi final match between Erno Ekebom and Rickard Osterberg.
[view]Semifinal match between Noah Boeken and Arto Hiltunen.
[view]Top 8: Erik Leander Sweden
[view]Top 8: Rickard Osterberg Sweden
[view]Top 8: Noah Boeken Netherlands
[view]Top 8: Dominik Hothow Netherlands
[view]Top 8: Messa Bouchaib Sweden
[view]Top 8: Jens Thoren Sweden
[view]Top 8: Erno Ekebom Finland
[view]Top 8: Arto Hiltunen Finland
[view]Top 8, back from left to right:Messa Bouchaib, Noah Boeken, Rickard Osterberg, Erik Leander. Front from left to right:Arto Hiltunen, Erno Ekebom, Dominik Hothow and Jens Thoren.
[view]A round 13 feature match between Justin Gary and Dominik Hothow.
[view]A round 13 feature match between Harkonen Jarno and Richard Oesterberg.
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz has a tendency to fall asleep at Grand Prix.
[view]A round 12 feature match between Mattias Jorstedt and Zvi Mowshowitz.
[view]A round 12 feature match between Tomi Walamies and Noah Boeken.
[view]Draft 2, table 2: Dominik Hothow, Haljoki Osmo, Zvi Mowshowitz, Justin Gary, Mattias Jorstedt, Jens Thoren, Janne Harkonen and Florent Jeudon.
[view]Draft 2, Table 1: Arto Hiltunen, Erno Ekebom, Messaoud Bouchaib Rosales, Erik Leander,Tomi Walamies, Noah Boeken, Johan Sadeghpour and Ryan Fuller.
[view]A round 8 feature match between Benedikt Klauser Austria and Gary Justin USA.
[view]A round 9 feature match between Mattias Jorstedt and Ryan Fuller.
[view]A round 9 feature match between Jakub Slemr, 1997 World Champion and Konstantin Firsov.
[view]A round 10 feature match between Erno Ekebom, Top 8 finisher at PT Los Angeles of last season, and Zvi Mowshowitz.
[view]A round 10 feature match between Florent Jeudon from France and Richard Oesterberg from Sweden.
[view]Dominik Hothow from Germany, Top 8 finisher at this years Worlds, obviously enjoying building his first draft deck.
[view]Oystein Buene Megatog on IRC from Norway during deck building.
[view]Oyvind Odegaard, a Pro Tour Veteran from Norway.
[view]Mikko Snygg from Finland
[view]Richard Osterberg and Arto Hiltunen building their first draft deck.
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz looking very amused.
[view]Ben Ronaldson, current English Champion, registering his first draft deck.
[view]Johan Franzen, Top 8 finisher at this years European Championships.
[view]Benedikt Klauser, Top 8 finisher at this years World Championships, from Austria.
[view]Nicolai Herzog from Norway and Florent Jeudon, member of the Black Ops team, building their decks.
[view]Frederic Courtois from France, choosing his cards very carefully.
[view]Bouchaib Rosales Messaoud of Sweden sat at table 1 during the first draft.
[view]Erno Ekebom from Finland.
[view]Antoine Ruel registering his first deck of the day.
[view]Bjorn P Jocumsen considering his options very carefully.
[view]Olivier Ruel of the famous Black Ops Team.
[view]Mattias Jorstedt, Top 8 at Euros 1999, drafting at table 1.
[view]Ryan Fuller from Canada is currently touring Europe. Helsinki is his third European Grand Prix in a row. He already made Top 8 in Porto in September.
[view]Zvi Mowshowitz from the US making his second European appearance this month. Earlier this month he made top 8 at GP Manchester.
[view]Noah Boeken, the current European champion, drafting at table 1.
[view]Draft 1, table 2 featuring: Antoine Ruel, Zvi Mowshowitz, Antti Tikkakoski, Thomas F. Gundersen, Jens Thoren, Jarno Hskrsnen, Erno Ekebom and Oyvind Odegaard.
[view]Draft 1, table 1 featuring: Noah Boeken, Haljoki Osmo, Messaoud Bouchaib Rosales, Ryan Fuller, Arto Hiltunen, Haakon R. Monsen, Frederic Courtois, Mattias Jorstedt.
[view]A round 5 feature match between Mattias Jorstedt and Rickard Osterberg.
[view]A round 5 feature match between Tony Dobson and Tommie Walamies
[view]Benedikt Klauser, top 8 at Worlds 2000, from Austria.
[view]Nicolai Herzog, former European Champion 1999.
[view]A round 6 feature match between Arto Hiltunen and Ben Ronaldson
[view]A round 6 feature match between Justin Gary and Frederic Courtois.
[view]A round 4 feature match between Jakub Slemr, former World Champion, and Olivier Ruel, member of Team Black Ops.
[view]A round 4 feature match between: Erno Ekebom from Finland and Sigurd Eskeland from Norway.
[view]Sigurds animal farm.
[view]6 English players made the trip to Helsinki: from left to right: Ben Ronaldson, Allan Bellamy, Pete Norris, Tony Dobson, Craig Jones and Scott Wills.
[view]Trey Van Cleave and Alex Shvartsman are killing time during the first 3 rounds while Jakub Slemr is watching them carefully.
[view]Konstantin Firsov, current Russian Champion, is on the of the 30 Russians to play in this tournament.
[view]Olle Rade, currently in the army, recently made the finals in a one-slot qualifier.
[view]Sigurd Eskeland hopes to go 2-2 with his 5-coloured deck.
[view]Will Justin Gary repeat his top 8 performance of GP Manchester

Site Pictures

Staff Pictures

[view]Vicky Korstanje from Online Sideboard, concentrating very hard.
[view]Pete Norris, Online Sideboard reporter, following Noah Boekens first draft.
[view]Cyril Grillon, Draft... next... draft...next....
[view]Vicky from Sideboard Online hosting a film quiz in between rounds.
[view]Cyril Grillon, Head Judge of the event. Isnt he adorable
[view]Judges doing deck checks.
[view]Magic artist Tom Wanerstrand is very happy to be in Helsinki and meet all his fans.

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