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2001 Grand Prix Denver

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Jeno Buffi and Mike Abraham played
[view]Willie Best was playing dreamwrecker against Dave Price in the final round.
[view]L.A.-based Brett Shears was looking for his first marquee finish when he played for the Top 8 aginst Bob Maher.
[view]Bob Maher hadnt been in the Top 8 in the standings at any point this weekend, but it only really counts after the final round and a win over Brett Butch Shears could get him there.
[view]Dave Price had a perfect day 1, but his day 2 schedule was pretty tough and he was forced to earn a Top 8 berth in the final round against Willie Best.
[view]It doesnt get much better than this: a pair of Pro Tour champions playing with Top 8 on the line.
[view]Darwin Kastle still hadnt lost a match with his blue-black-red control deck when he sat down to take on dave Price in round 12.
[view]While Dave Price had no feature matches on Saturday, it seems like every one of his Sunday matches has been feature match worthy.
[view]Worlds team champion Trevor Blackwells resume just keeps growing. When he he finally going to earn some respect
[view]Dave Williams
[view]Darwin Kastle
[view]Chris Benafel
[view]No one in the entire room expected this feature match to finish 3 games.
[view]Danny Mandel made a run at the Rookie of the Year title last year, proving that hes worthy of his Your Move Games shirt.
[view]Jack Stanton
[view]Dave Prices stare remains as intense as ever.
[view]Danny Mandel and Dave Price were two of the three 8-0-1 players when they sat down for their round 10 feature match.
[view]Kibler always seems to be having fun when he plays Magic.
[view]Brian Kibler took on the inimitable Jack Stanton in a round 10 feature match.
[view]Alex Borteh is the real deal, folks.
[view]Dave Price is the King of Beatdown and the King of Qualifiers, so it should be no surprise that he was in second place with just five rounds to go. Hes playing beatdown and he still needs an invite to New Orleans.
[view]Dave Wiliams is eager to put Worlds behind him.
[view]Darwin Kastle is trying to win back to back Grand Prixs.
[view]Darwin Kastle had yet to lose a game when he sat down for a round 9 feature match against Dave Williams. His three draws are really hurting him, though.
[view]Doctor P. was 3rd in the Player of the Year Race last year and will be attending the Magic Invitational in October.
[view]Brock Parker has been consistently putting up high Grand Prix finishes and is considered by some to be the best player in the game right now without a PT Top 8.
[view]Baby Huey is fighting on behalf of T.J.s Collectibles.
[view]Chris Benafel is once again proudly wearing his AlphaBetaUnlimited.com T-Shirt.
[view]Baby Huey and Chris Benafel werent happy to get paired against each other since they tested together and chose to run identical decks. Benafel won the Solution mirror match thanks largely to the die roll.
[view]Two players coming off a breakout season met in round 8, when Brock Parker took down Mike Pustilnik 2 games to 1.

Saturday's Pictures

[view]The worst picture of Brian Kibler ever taken.
[view]Heres what Brian Kibler really looks like.
[view]Alex Borteh was in first place with one round to go on Saturday - he looks like hes the real deal.
[view]1999-2000 Rookie of the Year Brian Davis
[view]Your Move Gamess own Darwin Kastle
[view]Ryan Fuller waits patiently as Bob Maher reveals the cards Fuller will get to divide up as they resolve Mahers Fact or Fiction.
[view]Its rare that anyone gets back to back feature matches at a Grand Prix, but Ryan Fuller versus Bob Maher was two good to ignore.
[view]Ryan Fuller was 1-1 with his Net deck when he sat down to play against Bob Maher in round 6. Fuller checked out the Sideboard coverage of GP Kobe when he woke up Saturay morning, and switched to a Kobe deck just minutes before GP Denver started.
[view]The Mad Hatter and his goblin army managed only a 1-2 mark.
[view]Quite a crowd gathered around the feature match tables on Saturday.
[view]Mike P. is Invitational-bound thanks to his LA win. Hes looking to have another great GP season and it all starts here.
[view]Steve OMS and Mike Pustilnik have been playing with each other at the Ground for years and years. In round 5 they had to play in a feature match.
[view]Lucas Hager stuck with the red-green deck that got him into the Top 8 in Tokyo.
[view]Ryan Fuller took on fellow PT Tokyo Top 8 competitor Lucas Hager in a round 5 feature match.
[view]Alex Borteh finished second at Worlds last weekend and hes looking to prove he could do it again.
[view]Is Zvis Solution going to solve the GP Denver field as well as it solved Tokyo
[view]Bob Maher reign as Player of the Year just ended. When Saturday began he and several million other Magic players were all tied for first in the 2001-2002 Player of the Year race.
[view]Darwin Kastle is trying to win back to back Grand Prixs, but he had a rough round 4 match-up -- The Great One, Bob Maher, Jr.
[view]11-year old Stephen Spoiler Barnes has developed quite a reputation amongst the locals.
[view]Head scorekeeper Erica Smith.
[view]Each of the first five feature matches featured a different female player fom the local area. Their overall record: 4-1. Here are the round 3 matches, featuring Mary van Tyne and Caroline Kert.
[view]Invitational voting was the hot topic of discussion amongst the pros as they sleeved up their decks and playtesting during round two. Their votes for most deserving went to Ben Rubin.
[view]Dave Williams and Dan OMS used their three byes to learn how to play their new deck -- both players switched to the red-blue-white beatdown deck that got two players to 9-0 in Kobe. They just booted up the Sideboard this morning, changed a couple cards, and went with it.
[view]European superstar Ryan Fuller has moved back to Canada and has now turned his attention to the North American Grand Prix circuit.
[view]Zen deckbuilding prophet Brian Kowal took on Karen Maeda in a round 2 feature match. Kowal was playing his namesake deck, but Maeda dealt him his second loss of the tournament.
[view]Laura Mills was the 1 seed when the Womens Open Top 4 decided to split 4-ways Friday night. Here she moves to 2-0 by defeating Matt Sims in a round 2 feature match.
[view]Not exactly as impressive as Kobe, eh
[view]The Denver International Airport Convention Center played hoist to GP Denver. It isnt exactly glamorous, but the rooms at the attached Holiday Inn were cheap and nice because the airport moved several years ago. With food nearby and plenty of space to play, the players all seemed happy.
[view]Dan Frazier yes -- the guy who painted the Moxes an Jesters Cap is here and signing cards.
[view]Dan Gray, hard at work.
[view]Denver player Lauren Passmore had to play a friend of hers -- Eddie Abe -- in a first round Local Heroes feature match. She beat him 2-0.
[view]Fierce competition at the Womens Open
[view]Womens Open players hard at play
[view]Left to right: Caroline Kert, Laura Mills, Mary Van Tyne and Megan Hoess

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