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2000 Grand Prix Dallas

Player Pictures

[view]Finalist and eventual champion, Matt Vienneau
[view]Mike Pustilnik watches the finals
[view]Fellow Canadians Gary Wise and Gab Tsang cheer on Matt Vienneau
[view]Finalist Benafel mulls options
[view]Chris Benafel has a good time
[view]Semifinalists Matt Linde and Matt Vienneau
[view]Benafel looks for a way to end the match
[view]Matt Linde shrugs off his loss to Vienneau
[view]Dan Clegg prepares to cast a spell
[view]Chris Benafel is not amused by Cleggs notoriously methodic style
[view]Chris Benafel plays against Dan Clegg
[view]Two members of the Top 8... and the hats they love
[view]Matt Vienneau wins the first seed, decidedly
[view]Dustin Stern no relation to R and D member, Henry Stern, is paired against Chris Benafel
[view]Virginias Pete Leiher makes his first GP Top 8
[view]This is the final draft between the best finishers
[view]Dan Clegg is in the Top 8
[view]Scott Johns is coming off a huge showing at PT-NY
[view]So is Dan Clegg
[view]Two-time Canadian National Champion, Gary Krakower
[view]The Great One, Bob Maher, Jr. drafts at a tough table
[view]Pro Tour veteran, Steve OMahoney Schwartz
[view]Chris Pikula is famous for the saying ban everything until Necropotence is good again, then ban necro.
[view]Defending Magic Invitational champion, Chris Pikula
[view]Ed Fear matches up against Tony Tsai
[view]Tony Tsai ran out of time in his round 10 match, drawing with opponent, Ed Fear
[view]The Adam Katz
[view]Former US National Champion, Matt Linde
[view]Matt Vienneau plays Treva, the Renewer in a feature match.
[view]Gab Tsang defeated 2000 Rookie of the Year, Brian Davis, in less than 20 minutes in this match.
[view]Recent Pro Tour New York co-Champion, Gary Wise from Canada.
[view]US National Team member, Chris Benafel, defeated PT Washington D.C. co-Champion, Rob Dougherty, in this round 4 feature match.
[view]Starting in round 4, all the big name players were ready to play, including GP Manchester Champion Darwin Kastle..
[view]Alan Comer is the ultimate Arena Member.
[view]California player Alan Comer builds his sealed deck.
[view]Alan Comer is all smiles. Many people believe Alan Comer is one of the remaining players who most deserves to win a Pro Tour, but has not done so yet.
[view]William Baby Huey Jensen is regarded as one of the finest young players in the game today.
[view]A small crowd gathered to watch the Place/Hacker feature match.
[view]Hacker takes the offensive in his feature match versus Matt Place.
[view]Igor Frayman watches Brian Hacker in his round 3 feature match.
[view]Pro Tour Mainz Champion, Matt Place.
[view]Gary Wise looks on, as Matt Place ponders during his feature match.
[view]There was no question which match had the coolest hats of the weekend.
[view]Ah Dallas ... Chris Pikula returns to the scene of one of his triumphs Top at at Pro Tour Dallas with the first black/red Necropotence deck in November, 1996. Pikula will be the defending champion at the Magic Invitational in Sydney.
[view]New York Masters and GP San Diego Champion, Billy Jensen builds his sealed deck.
[view]Mr. Chapela Gaxiola made the trip from Mexico City to Dallas for the Grand Prix. Gustavo is the 2000 Latin American Champion and a well-respected Pro Tour player.
[view]Vincent Busty Johnson considers his next move. Johnson is considered one of the best local Dallas players.
[view]Spectators watch Vincent Johnson versus Latin American Champion, Gustavo Chapela in a round 2 feature match.
[view]Gustavo Chapela of Mexico, beats down Vincent Johnson in a feature match.
[view]ALL of team Deadguy is attening GP Dallas, even David Bartholow
[view]David Price practices after deck construction. Price is best known for winning Pro Tour Los Angeles 1998 and creating Deadguy Red at US Nationals 1998.
[view]Igor Frayman right is chillin between rounds. Igor is one of Brian Hackers favorite Magic players.
[view]Fletcher and Mason are twin titans.
[view]Mason and Fletcher Peatross are a common sight in the Texas Magic scene. Fletcher standing has qualified for 3 Pro Tours so far, and hopes to make it four.
[view]Truc Bui is from the early days of Magic when Team Dickhead was a top team consisting of Truc, Brian Hacker and John Woo.
[view]Mark LePine was unqualified for L.A. when this qualifier season started, but hes been on fire ever since. He didnt lose until the finals of his first qualifier and then went to Manchester where he promptly made the top 8.
[view]Yes another old timer starting to make a comeback: Team Deadguys own Tony Tsai.
[view]Dan Clegg
[view]The Great One, Bob Maher
[view]Steven OMahoney-Schwartz builds his Sealed Deck
[view]8-year old Dakota Rudd waits patiently for the tournament to begin.
[view]12-year old Sky Rudd listens attentively to the head judges instructions.
[view]Gary Wise and Matt Vienneau manage to stop talking for 10 seconds and actually register their decks.
[view]The Hump
[view]The Lanimal -- Lan D. Ho at home in Texas.
[view]The T2K really wants his deck back.
[view]Pro Tour Champion Scott Johns and Pt veteran James Stroud.

Staff Pictures

[view]Head Judge Sheldon Menary lays down the law.
[view]A fleet of Texas Rangers assited in the running of Grand Prix Dallas.

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