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2001 Grand Prix Curitiba

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Antoine Ruel is the only one not hiding behind his trophy.
[view]Svaldi doesnt need to celebrate because the crowd is celebrating wildly enough.
[view]Just like last year Alex finished in second.
[view]Antoine Ruel with a big trophy.
[view]The winner is not hugging a random judge, thats his brother
[view]...and the crowd goes wild
[view]Finally a real big smile from the winner.
[view]Leopoldo Martins Duressing.
[view]Antoine trying to ignore the crazy reporter.
[view]Jose Barbero lays down the battleground.
[view]Guilherme Svaldi.
[view]Antoine Ruel.
[view]Jose Mangueira.
[view]Eliton Inacio.
[view]Leopoldo Martins.
[view]Raphael Gunther.
[view]Some people had better things to do than watching the Top 8.
[view]This little group made more noise than a 200 people PTQ.
[view]Tables, we dont need no stinking tables
[view]Jose Mangueira looking for a way to smash Antoine Ruel.
[view]Raphael Gunther upset about the outcome of his quarterfinals.
[view]Who else would laugh while taking a double mulligan
[view]Raphael Gunthers face tells the whole tale.
[view]Guilherme Dei Svaldi wonders about Jose Barbero.
[view]Justin Polin covering Alex Shvartsman vs. Eliton Inacio.
[view]Antoine Ruel vs. Jose Mangueira with Olivier Ruel covering the match.
[view]His friends want Jose Barbero to pay for their hotel bill with the Top 8 money.
[view]Rodrigo Nascimento is very agressive Rishadan port user.
[view]Reid and his camera.
[view]That is what you get when you sign one too many Dust Bowls.
[view]The Ruel cheerleading crew makes one last effort for Antoine.
[view]Leandro Vieira e Alexandre Lapuch fighting for a Top 8 stop.
[view]Rodrigo Nascimento trying to take Benzo to another Top 8.
[view]Raphael Gunther wondering which Seal Of Cleansing he should cast first.
[view]Reid helping out with the photos, and he is good at it too
[view]Feature Matches in round eleven.
[view]Antoine Ruel pulling a Sleight Of Hand for the crowd
[view]Alexandre Lapuch playing close attention to his deck.
[view]Yet another hat guy in Magic: Alexandre Lapuch.
[view]The always nervous Argentinian: Matias Gabrenja.
[view]Raphael Gunther vs. Matias Gabrenja.
[view]Celso Hino takes up a lot of table space.
[view]Celso Hino vs. Leopoldo Martins.
[view]Ryan Fuller about to crush William Possato.
[view]A red-headed Uruguaian and his teddy.
[view]Ben Thompson is a smiling artist
[view]The Osaka PTQ.
[view]Alex Shvartsman has a shiny deck
[view]Ryan Fuller is really, really proud of this shirt.
[view]Chilean Rafael Le Saux is confident about his chances.
[view]Little did Rafael know Alex was about to stomp him.
[view]Grand Prix Top 8 is his middle name: Alex Shvartman.
[view]Nilton is very unimpressed by Zamperes no-look shuffle.
[view]Dawton Possato is a true Rebel.
[view]Sergio Martins hoping his elephants can match the Rebels.
[view]Read the Brazilian coverage as well or Silvio will get you
[view]Five judges and three laptops.
[view]Antoine Ruel vs. Matias Gabrenja
[view]I cant believe how lucky you are, or something like that.
[view]Celso Zampere tried to duck Shvartmans incoming Duress.
[view]The nosebleeding reporter makes a run for it
[view]Now that is what I call an Elephant
[view]Antoine Ruel falls asleep as Guilherme Svaldi makes a move.
[view]Blue sleeves against white sleeves.
[view]Rafael Le Saux hasnt dropped a game so far round 8.
[view]William Possato impressed by his supporters.
[view]Olivier Ruel and his posse.
[view]Dude, wheres my opponent
[view]This is what Magic is all about: telling the stories.
[view]Pedro Ceriotti getting mobbed in the side events.
[view]No prize for guessing who these belong to.

Saturday's Pictures

[view]Pedro Ceriotti lays down the law like only a Latin judge can.
[view]Jabaiano needs to win for a shot at the second day.
[view]Ostrovich reaches over for an agressive Duress.
[view]Nicholas Bickhol looks tired.
[view]Diego Ostrovich likes to shuffle his pink sleeves.
[view]Sergio Santos Longo is a bit too fast for the camera.
[view]They just cant get enough of pairings around here
[view]A ritual we call moshing around the pairings
[view]The Brazilian flag in the Feature Match table.
[view]Bruno Feitosa is in the top tables with Gennaris Dark Forces: Wakefields legend lives on.
[view]The friendly Chilean Carlos Huarapil is playing a very interesting home-brewed deck.
[view]Paulo Rosas friends get a little carried away in their support.
[view]Joao Roberto looks away from Le Sauxs flowerly shirt.
[view]Trading for those last elusive cards.
[view]Another Magic player turns into a fashion rebel: Rafael Le Saux.
[view]Guilherme Fonseca doing his Rodins thinker statue impersonation.
[view]Matias Gabrenja is a very fast player.
[view]The little guy who had a huge deck.
[view]The entrance to the tournament.
[view]A room full of Magic players in the summer... scary...
[view]Just look at those two tables
[view]Winnie The Pooh takes a nap while Olivier shuffles.
[view]Alex Shvartsman, a crowd favorite in any Grand Prix.
[view]Ryan Fuller, Sleeveless in Curitiba.
[view]Antoine Ruel, the calmer half of the Ruel Magic family.
[view]Ryan and Antoine cant believe the pairings.
[view]The first Feature Match of the day.
[view]Giacomo leans back while Carlos goes on a card-drawing rampage.
[view]Thomas Felsberg and Raphael Dias starting the game.
[view]Thomas Felsberg and Devirs reporter Nilton having a good time.
[view]Giacomo De Rocchi had a big hosts of supporters.
[view]Jabiano and Rui Oliveira remembering Grand Prix Rio.
[view]Shes Brazilian but her boyfriend is Argentinian subtle hint.
[view]The Ruel brothers writing about their travels in sunny Brazil...
[view]Ben Thompson, artist for Dust Bowl, Wax/Wane and Assault/Battery.
[view]The last two Brazilian Grand Prix winners: Jabaiano and Alvarenga.
[view]The judge table trying to speed up registration.
[view]If these guys stop mugging Alex Shvartsman, he might get to play in this Grand Prix
[view]Devirs webmaster Silvio looking busy for the picture.
[view]Head Judge Rogerio Alecrim puts up with the Sideboard reporter.
[view]The amazing Ruel brothers
[view]You can spot Rafael Le Saux a mile away.
[view]A moment of peace before the flood.

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