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2000 Grand Prix Buenos Aires

Player Pictures

[view]Friendship transcends victory: Ocho wins the semis.
[view]Ocho kisses his good luck Tradewind: every bit counts
[view]Ill make 21 creatures...
[view]Ocho ponders a tough decision as new level 1 judge Nicolas Gonzalez looks on
[view]Mascots abound
[view]Ochos lucky Tradewind Rider
[view]Le Saux ponders a semi-final mulligan
[view]Le Saux has the game in hand - Slivers in control
[view]Matias Bolatti
[view]Pablo Huerta
[view]Diego Ostrovich
[view]Walter Witt
[view]Jose Barbero
[view]Raphael Le Saux
[view]Hugo Ocho Araiza
[view]Emmanuel Duering
[view]The guardian of the game
[view]Round 13 Feature Match: Gerardo Saiz
[view]Gerardo Godinez represented Latin America in the Magic Invitational
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Thomas Felsberg vs Damian Petrelli
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Damian Petrelli
[view]Thomas Felsburg plays in a late-tournament feature
[view]Players all over the world use different methods to decide who will play first
[view]Round 12 Feature Match: Jose Barbaro
[view]The one and only Mikey Pustilnik
[view]A magic tiger oversees the feature match table
[view]Walter Witt is one of the younger competitors on Day 2
[view]Round 13 Feature Match: Bernabe Gramajo
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Raphael Le Saux II
[view]El Americano mucho grande
[view]Ocho es Ocho-0
[view]Scroll or Spite,you decide
[view]Round 9 Feature match: Pedro Laplaza vs. Damian Petrelli
[view]Round 9 feature Match: James Stroud, 207 cm
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Dan OMS
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Pedro Laplaza
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: James Stroud vs. Dan OMS
[view]Round 9 Feature Match: Damian Petrelli
[view]Ozzy Osbourne, PT hopeful
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Raphael Lesaux vs. Matias Bollatti
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Raphael Lesaux
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Matias Bollatti
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Hugo Ocho Araiza vs. Martin Spaghi
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Martin Spaghi
[view]Round 10 Feature Match: Ocho
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Diego Ostravich vs. Jose Ignacio Barbero
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Jose Ignacio Barbero
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Diego Ostravich
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Dave Williams vs. Steve OMS
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Steve O
[view]Round 11 Feature Match: Dave Williams
[view]A Promising start
[view]7 wins, 0 losses, long day.
[view]The face of a 7-0 start
[view]Another week, another continent
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman vs. Matias Bollati
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Matias Bolatti
[view]Round 7 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman
[view]Le Sauxs good luck bear
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman vs Thomas Felsberg
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Thomas Felsberg
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Alex Shvartsman
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Raphael Le Saux vs. Pablo Huerta
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Raphael Le Saux
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Pablo Huerta
[view]Round 8 Feature Match: Raphael Le Saux II
[view]Williams vs. Maoli, Ocho vs. La Ostra
[view]La Ostra
[view]Well-respected player from Texas, Dave Williams.
[view]Hugo Ocho Araixa vs. Diego La Ostra Ostrovich.
[view]Celebrity Alex Shvartsman plays some Magic with the locals.
[view]David Williams and Gerardo Godinez are both favorites to make the top 8 of the tournament.
[view]Judge Luciano Macchiavello from Chile handles the feature match between Dan OMS and Ernesto Mingrance.
[view]Daniel OMahoney-Schwartz, part of the legendary Team Antarctica with his brother Steve and Jon Finkel.
[view]Ernesto Mingrance prepares for his feature match.
[view]The Cotugno versus Moro match had lots of creature combat.
[view]Andres Moro vs Juan Cotugno Argentina National Champion in a round 3 feature match.
[view]Andres Moro was a little nervous when he found out he was in a feature match against the National Champion.
[view]Juan Cotugno, Argentina National Champion.
[view]Carlos Ramao was top 8 at Latin America Championships. Many people say he is the Brazilian Baby Huey.
[view]Matias Novarino with a trendy chapeau.
[view]Francisco Gaeta, member of the 1999 Chilean National Team.
[view]Francisco Gaeta vs. Matias Novarino in a feature match.
[view]Raphael Le Saux thinks its wacky shirt day
[view]Lots of big green creatures also known as fatties were in peoples decks.
[view]Mike Long came to play in spirit. Pictured: Rootwater Thief, Mike Longs 1999 Magic Invitational Card that got inserted in Nemesis.
[view]Daniel OMahoney-Schwatrz and David Williams made the trip from USA.
[view]New Yorker Rob Nieves has the most identifiable right arm in Magic.
[view]313 fit perfectly into the tournament site.
[view]11-year old Argentine Francisco Stempler in his feature match.
[view]1999 Mexican National Team member, Julio Cesar Ayala.
[view]Round 1 feature match: Julio Cesar Ayala vs. Francisco Stempler.
[view]Mike Pustilnik of New York makes friends with the locals.
[view]Seven players traveled from Mexico to score some of the prize money.
[view]Competitors playtest their Extended decks right up until the start of the tournament.
[view]The King of Grand Prix, Alex Shvartsman. Alex has 10 Grand Prix top 8 finishes to his credit.
[view]Damien Brown, 8 time Pro Player.
[view]Players gather in the atrium waiting for registration to open.
[view]Damian Brown-Santirso came all the way from New Zealand to play at GP-BA.
[view]Rafael Le Saux was the Finalist at the Latin America Championship this past June.
[view]Gerardo Godinez practices his drafting skills with some other players.
[view]Gustavo Chapela ponders his next move while his friend opens wide.

Site Pictures

[view]Buenos Aires is one of the most interesting cities in the world.
[view]The beautiful San Telmo Church in Buenos Aires.
[view]The tournament is underway. Check out the fancy time clock.
[view]A view of the amazing site for GP Buenos Aires.
[view]View of the Grand Prix area before the start of the tournament.

Staff Pictures

[view]The Press, hard at work
[view]The little judge
[view]John Matson commented that he has never seen a group of people more excited about Magic. Matson signed over 3000 cards on Saturday.
[view]Mike Elliot had a huge gunslinging sign and line-up of players. He is a modern-day gunfighter.
[view]A flock of judges.
[view]This reporter was taking pictures of the event.
[view]Mike Elliot has designed more Magic cards than anyone else in Magic Research and Development. Elliot attended GP Buenos Aires as a gunslinger.
[view]Sylviana Fucito, head scorekeeper of GP Buenos Aires.
[view]Graciella Battauz is the event manager for United Games, the Argentina distributor of Magic.
[view]Artist John Matson was on hand to sign cards for the players.
[view]Side Events Manager and level 3 judge, Juan Del Compare of Argentina.
[view]Reid Schmadeka is a slave driver cant you tell by their smiles
[view]Silvana and Graciela are hard at work entering names into DCI Reporter.
[view]Head Judge, Pedro Ceriotti, briefs the judges before the tournament.

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