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2001 German Nationals

Sunday's Pictures

[view]Daniel Zink shows off his 2001 German National Championship trophy
[view]Stephan Valkyser, German National Championship Finalist
[view]The Top 2
[view]Now that the five-game finals are over, Zink and Valkyser are teammates for Worlds
[view]The Champ
[view]On this weekend, these are the Top 8 players in Germany
[view]The Top 8
[view]The Top 8, all in a line
[view]The Top 8, still in a line.
[view]Jan Brinkmann
[view]Christian Luehrs
[view]Patrick Mello
[view]Michael Neumaier
[view]Stephan Valkyser
[view]Mario Zemke
[view]Mark Ziegner
[view]Daniel Zink

Saturday's Pictures

[view]The hall full of players fighting to become German National Champion
[view]Festung Marienberg
[view]The site of 2001 German Nationals

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