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2001 Event Horizons Invitational

Player Pictures

[view]Jeff Clark hanging around with the competitors
[view]Louisianas Ben Bleiweiss, wearing his lucky hat, makes yet another PTQ Top 8
[view]Skye Thomsen, Invitational Champion
[view]Skye Thomsen, Invitational Champion
[view]A matching set of Horses Ass Trophies make excellent book holders
[view]Rob Lawing, last place finisher two years in a row
[view]Skye Thomsen, winner of Auction Draft
[view]Zach Karthauser, winner of Extended Highlander
[view]Eric Lewandowski, winner of Open Draft
[view]So... Many... Options
[view]Jeff Zamdi, winner of Invasion Constructed
[view]Adrian Sayers, winner of the Battle of the 2s
[view]DeQuan Watson squares off against Lan Ho in the first feature match of the day
[view]Williams, Romig, Peatross, and Stroud preparing to bid in the Auction Draft
[view]DeQuan Watson
[view]Rick Burton
[view]Donald Paul
[view]Adrian Sayers
[view]David Williams
[view]David Williams
[view]Skye Thomsen
[view]James Stroud
[view]Jeff Zandi
[view]Jeff Zandi
[view]Ben Romig
[view]Ben Romig
[view]Lan D. Ho
[view]Eric Lewandowski
[view]Bryan Hubble
[view]Fletcher Peatross
[view]Rob Lawing
[view]Zach Karthauser
[view]Dustin Flora, playing his Academy deck

Site Pictures

[view]Event Horizons prepared cool trophies for each format
[view]Carl James, the most notorious card dealer in Texas
[view]The scoreboard, after the first 3 rounds
[view]The twins: Fletcher and Mason Peatross
[view]unique cards designed for the invitational
[view]An anonymous, but happy spectator

Staff Pictures

[view]Event Horizons owner and Invitational organizer, Tim Weissman

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